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Was there a major Mexican military disaster in the Navajo Wars?

Back in the previous millennium I read a book from the Central Branch of the Free Library of Philadelphia about the Navajo Wars. I believe that book was Navajo Wars: Military Campaigns, Slave Raids, ...
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What is the purpose of the middle arrow which appears like half moon? [closed]

I recently came across a pic of the bow and arrows of the famous Indian king Maharana Pratap. I am curious to know what purpose does the half-moon-shaped arrow have, was it used to kill enemies? and ...
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How did the Jats come to own so much land in North West India?

I am interested in history of Jats which live mostly in states of Punjab, Haryana, Western U.P. , Rajasthan. I am not reading from historians of the Jat community as they wrote in Hagiographical Style ...
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How was wealth accumulated in higher castes of India?

This study found that upper caste Indians own vast majority of wealth and assets in India though they make up lesser amount of population (refer). Even with all the reservation schemes in India, how ...
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Why do we study Mughals as part of medieval history of India and European conquest as modern India? [closed]

Babur, the founder of the Mughal dynasty, came to power in 1526. Aurangzeb, the last Mughal ruler (not counting later Mughals), died in 1707. The Portuguese came to India in 1498 and by 1510 they had ...
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What is the origin of South Indian languages?

I have heard that Malayalam is a more recent language ( 800 years old?) ... DEVELOPED by the assimilation of Tamil with Sanskrit. I know Tamil is an ancient language, and the Telegu -Kannada origin is ...
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How did Muhammed of Ghouri die?

Indians believe that Prithviraj Chauhan killed The Muhammed of Ghouri, but according to history Muhammed of Ghouri died after the death of Prithviraj Chauhan. Prithviraj's tomb is disrespected in ...
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Why did Hitler meet with Subash Chandra Bose in 1942? [closed]

I have read that Subash Chandra Bosa met Hitler in 1942, why did he help Bosa by liberating indian prisoners of war, what motive did Hitler have to help Bose and who suggest him to do this for ,the ...
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How did Indian diets change after arrival of Muslim kings?

I would like to know how did the diets of people changed due to the new kingdoms that came in and took over the Indian Subcontinent. Was it earlier more vegetarian due to religious reasons and shifted ...
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How is Goswami's stand on nationalism distinct from Andersons'?

Benedict Anderson in his 'Imagined Communities' argued that nationalism is modular, that is transplanted to the third world without acknowledging the agency of the intellectual elite, by simply ...
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What was the reason behind the death of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj?

There are many novels about King Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Nobody knows the exact reason of his death. It has been written tentatively in those novels. Somebody says he died due to Tuberculosis, ...
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Why Nawab Shirajuddawla lost in the battle of Palashy (Plassey)?

I know that Nawab had 50000 soldier but on the other side English soldier was 3000 and I also know that because Mir Zafar and some other guys Nawab lost the battle. My question is only for Mir Zafar ...
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How do Dambadiva kings fit in Indian history?

My question, I would like to know whether any space in Indian history to fit Dambadiva kings in Indian history rather than keeping them only in Buddhist books? or it feels like they were foreign ...
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What was the court language of Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan?

Administrative language of Muslim rulers was usually Persian. But I doubt Tipu's courts used Persian. Was it Persian or Kannada? Even the Nizams started using Urdu instead of Persian after the 1800s.
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Birth date of Adi Śankaracharya

When was Sri Ādi Śankaracharya born exactly? In Wikipedia and elsewhere there have been controversial dates, one claiming a birth in the 5th century B.C. and another around A.D.730-780. Why is there ...
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Why was the Mughal Empire Persian oriented?

I have read that Mughals were used to Persian traditions. They used Persian language as the language of administration under their rule. I have also read that they were the descendants of both Timur, ...
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Why did not M.K. Gandhi support plea towards suspension of Bhagat Singh, Rajguru, Sukhdev's execution?

It was a known fact and most of the historians state that there was a clash of opinions, ideologies between these two individuals - Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (M.K. Gandhi) and Bhagat Singh, where MK ...
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What is the origin of Kula Devata or Family Deity? [closed]

In India, every house has something called Kula Devata or Family Deity. What is the historical reason for having such Family deity, and on what basis are family deities assigned to families? Is there ...
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India and Egypt: What enables a culture to endure? [closed]

What traits exist in Indian Hindu culture to allow it to persevere to the present day that did not exist in Egypt from ~3100 BCE to ~30 BCE? EDIT by Alex: What destroyed Egyptian civilization? ...
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Where can I find history of Pune or `Peshwa's`? [closed]

Where can I find the history of pune or Peshwa's? Links on Wikipedia are not enough, Please explain or paste link in answers. To be more descriptive : 1. Who were peshwas ? 2. When did they exist? ...
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Why didn't Marathas rule Delhi officially?

During the peak era of Peshwa(Maratha), they were the most dominant power in India and had most of the area under their control. But they didn't control Delhi directly even after capturing it. The ...
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How much do we know about Emperor Ashoka?

A recent Indian television series is showing a detailed life characteristic of Ashoka's childhood. Though its a work of fiction, I would like to know how much of the show is based on fact. Furthermore,...
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