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Questions tagged [indian-rebellion-1857]

Use this tag for questions about Indian Rebellion of 1857 (also known as India's First War of Independence). To ask general questions about Indian History, use the [india] tag.

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Why did Muslims become a target after 1857's Sepoy Mutiny?

Hindus were involved in the 1857's Sepoy Mutiny and played some significant roles. E.g., Mongol Panday is said to initiate the mutiny. Then we know Tatya Tope, Nana Sahib Peshwa II, Queen of Jhansi - ...
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Why did Bakht Khan switch sides in Indian War of Independence 1857?

Bakht Khan was one of the key commanders of the Indian Liberation Forces fighting against the British for independence of India. From his early life, It is known that he was enlisted in British ...
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