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Are the dimensions of bricks used in Sumerian monuments like the great Ziggurat of Ur the same as in the Indus Valley Civilization?

We know there were extensive trade ties between the ancient Indus Valley Civilization and that of ancient Sumer. I'm curious if there were cultural transmissions of engineering ideas too. The Indus ...
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Is Indus civilization over 8000 years old? [closed]

In many news sites (1) , (2), it is written that Indus civilization is over 8000 years old by a study by IIT KGP and Archaeological association of India. However the wiki dates don't align with these ...
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What is the methodogy used to determine the exact genetic flow from one area to another and the times in which it flowed? [closed]

For example, I take the instance of Central Asian migration into India. Say geneticists studied a) ancient bones in CA b) ancient bones in India c) living people in Central Asia d) living people in ...
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Did the Indus Valley Civilization use cotton as a writing material?

Cross-posted from Skeptics SE In his book, Science and Secrets of Early Medicine, Jürgen Thorwald writes about the script of the Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa civilizations: (in rough translation) Seals, ...
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Why are pre-Harappan strata grouped together with Early Harappan strata? Does this not obfuscate the development of the civilization?

(1) I don't understand why some sites are called early Harappan because these sites are pre-Harappan so why we use wrong name with that. Can any one explain? From 'India's Ancient Past' by RS Sharma, ...
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What is the etymology of the word "Mehrgarh", one of the earliest Neolithic site in South Asia?

Mehrgarh is a Neolithic site near the Bolan Pass in Pakistan. I am wondering if the Neolithic site has simply been dubbed "Mehrgarh" or was it the actual name of the Neolithic culture ...
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Is there any data that supports or refutes the claim made in this paper about the Harappan/Indus Valley civilization?

I came across an old article recently, about the collapse of the Harappan civilization. Here's the paper it is based on- I found this to be the ...
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Interpreting two recent studies on Aryan Invasion/Migration theory?

Few months ago two studies published here in Cell and Science respectively and lot of authors in both the studies are common. The science paper starts with By sequencing 523 ancient humans, ...
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What effect did the Bronze Age collapse have on India?

There was direct trade between Mesopotamia and India from the 3rd millennium BCE, and indirect trade as far back as the 9th millennium BCE. I'm wondering what effect the Bronze Age collapse (c. 1200 ...
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Does the appearance of cremation support the Aryan Migration theory?

Aryan invasion theory supporters usually say that the practice of using cemetery appears in the late Harrappan period, i.e., in 1900 BC and before that many burials were found. The Vedic practice is ...
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Relation of Arya and Dravida with Hindu scriptures like Veda and Aagama

I don't know much about the history of Arya and Dravida: I've heard that word Arya is found in Hindu Scripture (Veda) and Arya is related to Indus valley civilization while Dravida is related with ...
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How advanced were the people of Indus valley civilization in engineering? [closed]

How advanced were the people of Indus valley civilization in engineering aspects compared with other civilizations during or before their time?
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Has Mohenjo-daro been reconstructed?

What is the extent of current knowledge on the physical structure of the city of Mohenjo Daro? Have all possible roads and buildings (possibly in 3D) been reconstructed? Do we completely know the ...
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Beads in the Ancient Indus Valley

I’m interested in the manufacture, sales and use of beads in the ancient Indus Valley, particularly during the mature Harappan Civilization. Would beads have been manufactured predominantly by men or ...
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Is it true that Plato travelled till Ganges river?

Plato was the great philosopher and traveler. In "The Story of Philosophy" William Durant has written that: He found his way to the banks of the Ganges, and learned the mystic meditations of the ...
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Why weren't Harappan homes built of stones?

I was reading about the Harappan (Indus valley) civilization, their architecture, in my History book when I came across this line: Stones were not used in building houses. Seriously? Why? What ...
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Wanderwort origins and the Indus Valley Civilization? [closed]

I have noticed that there seem to be many words that have travelled the globe due to trade, such as the word orange or rice, which have plausible origins in proto-Dravidian. Meanwhile, it is ...
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What is the current consensus on the origins of the Brahmi script?

There seem to be two hypotheses about the origin of India's Brahmi script: It developed either from the Aramaic script or the Indus Valley script. Is there any scholarly consensus regarding which of ...
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What are the problems archaeologists face in deciphering the Indus Valley writing?

From this link on Indus Valley writing, I came to know that: The first Indian script, developed in the Indus Valley around 2600 B.C. is still undeciphered. Thus, it is still not possible to fully ...
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