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Was wool packing a main task for medieval peasants?

In Europe/UK, would a main task for peasants/working classes been to pack wool? And, if so, roughly what dates would this have been please? What did the entire process involve from obtaining the ...
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How much iron ore could a medieval miner extract per day?

I am finding really hard to find an answer to this question. There are some numbers available online, but first of all the numbers range quite a lot from different sources, then they are given for a ...
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How did 19th century Germany pull so far ahead of its contemporaries? [closed]

I'm not well-read, but I got the impression that Europeans (e.g. Gilbert and Sullivan, Bizet, Smetena) rejected German art while they pulled ahead in engineering and mathematics. Stephenson may have ...
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Did the Soviets lack ball bearings in WWII?

There is a good discussion on this site of the German situation during World War II concerning ball bearings. Does anyone know what the Soviet situation was? I have heard as a result of Barbarossa ...
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How Heavy was a Spinning Jenny or Spinning Mule?

The spinning jenny, water frame and spinning mule were textile spinning frames used during the industrial revolution. Approximately how heavy were these machines?
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How did the email client industry develop?

I am too young to have used AOL but I did start with Hotmail. I believe there was email clients before AOL, available to anyone capable running the software and configuring their servers, but that is ...
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When did Soviet authorities first plan/conceive of migrating their industry if war broke out?

This comes from a related question. It seems Germany never conceived of the possibility that Russia might migrate its heavy industry to safe locations beyond the Urals. So now I want to know if Soviet ...
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When planning Barbarossa, did Germany conceive of the Soviet migration of heavy industry?

Wikipedia has a very tiny article on this. Basically, when Barbarossa was launched, the Soviet Union started evacuating the factories. They were migrated to places beyond the Ural Mountains. I'm ...
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Who was the first American woman to become a millionaire? [closed]

We hear a lot about millionaires or even billionaires during the Age ov Industry in America. But these were all men. Who was the first American woman to become a millionaire?
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Circa 1940, what was the oil production of each nation?

I'm looking for a source that lists all crude oil production by each nation, as it was in 1940. The reason is to understand geopolitics of the time, especially the oil security (or lack thereof) of ...
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Why did manuscript production increase rapidly?

What are the reasons for the significant increase in manuscripts being produced during the later medieval era? Was it due to improving financial conditions, or were there technological advances that ...
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What happened to rural gas stations in the US?

When driving on the rural byways of the rural Midwest one will find gas stations scarce. But if you look closely enough, in every town, down to the tiniest of unincorporated ones, you will find a ...
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What was the role of quality in early manufacturing facilities?

We all know that quality is a very important thing in todays industry. But was it always like that? What was the role of production quality before we had Shewhart, Deming and so on? Did companies and ...
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