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Was the KGB, at least after 1975, actually an effective institution? [closed]

There were several major events that the KGB either failed to predict or misjudged, e.g., it underestimated the Solidarity movement in Poland failed to predict the fall of the Berlin Wall did not ...
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Has an army ever not cancel its preplanned attack after a security breach?

In an episode of the Star Wars show Andor a military leader (through a high ranking spy) becomes aware that his planned attack is compromised, the enemy knows about it and has plans to deal with that ...
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What would be a typical rank for KGB intelligence officers spying abroad in the 1980s?

What would be typical ranks of KGB officers spying in the West during the 1980s? I know some Western spies were recruited by the KGB, that after defecting to the Soviet Union got/had ranks in the KGB ...
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