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Questions tagged [international-law]

Questions about law that binds the behavior of nation-states in relation to one another.

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Nazi Germany and International Law Before 1945

The fall of the Axis powers accompanied the 'birth' of the international legal system in its modern form. While the ICJ's predecessor, the PCIJ, was essentially defunct through WW2, there was a ...
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Has a prize ship ever been surrendered to a neutral country?

According to the Hague Peace Convention of 1907, §13 Art. 3, whenever a belligerent power captures a prize ship in the territorial waters of a neutral power, the belligerent power must surrender the ...
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Were there any specific laws/treaties enshrining the Principle of Distinction in the 18th century?

Hathaway and Shapiro (2017): By the middle of the eighteenth century, European armies had come to recognize a “Principle of Distinction,” the doctrine central to modern humanitarian law, which ...
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Did the Soviet ever attempt "innocent passage" thru American waters?

In 1986 and 1988, the US Navy sent warships into Soviet Crimean Sea territorial waters as exercises of innocent passage (which essentially means that you can sail through an unfriendly nation's waters ...
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Why didn't the British consider the USS President's attempted flight as a fake surrender?

In the War of 1812, the USS President was captured by the Royal Navy. Wikipedia gives the final actions of the day: President ceased fire at 7:58 pm and hoisted a light in her rigging, indicating ...
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