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Did Mete Khan and Hsiung-nu serve the Chinese Emperor?

I was reading Nicolae Jorga's "History of Ottoman Empire vol. 1" and he gave information that Mete Khan, who freed Hsiung-nu people from the rule of Yue-chi, was a servant of the Chinese Emperor. But ...
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What is the correct timeline of events for the boycott of the Olympic Games 1980 in Moscow

Coming from the recent question of How did the US government manage to enforce the 1980 boycott of the Olympic Games in Russia? and a comment in that thread I kept wondering. Who was the first and ...
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Where can I find statistics on Soviet education of foreign students and in foreign countries?

I'm looking for statistics on soviet education of the foreign students and in foreign countries. In particular, I am trying to find numbers on: How many foreigners were educated in Soviet Union (e.g. ...
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Is the Loi Lamine Gueye- law n ° 46-940 of May 7, 1946 enacted by the French Parliament active even today?

How many countries(former French colonies) have annulled this? And, has this been annulled by France as well after the dissolution of French Union?
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Is there a daily dairy of WWII?

Can someone suggest a hardcover book that comprehensively chronicles the history of WW II on a day-by-day or week-by-week diary basis that spans 1939 - 1945? Comprehensively in terms of addressing the ...
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