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Who built the internet, who were the first commercial users? [closed]

If I asked who built the pyramids in Egypt, the answer would not be who first discovered limestone, who first quarried limestone or who built the first building out of limestone. My question would be ...
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How did Barbra Streisand learn of the California Coastal Records image of her house, when it had only been downloaded 4 times before her counsel did?

The Streisand Effect got named because of Barbra Streisand learning about her house being in the California Coastal Records database and kicking up a huge fuss about it. But how did she discover that ...
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Where did the archived discussions in Google Groups come from?

I was sifting through old messages in the Google Groups when a thought popped up-where did all of these messages, from the '80s and '90s, come from? To be specific, the question is ...
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Why does the US have many top-level web domains? [closed]

Why does the US have top-level domains like .gov, .mil and others, while other nations can only use second level domains for their government agencies? It might seem an easy question, but I think it ...
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Has any previously popular Internet meme subsequently made a comeback? [closed]

This question is motivated by the XKCD comic 286 All Your Base (see also Explain XKCD): In the comic, a character is preparing for a comeback by a meme that was previously highly popular. I'm ...
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How did the email client industry develop?

I am too young to have used AOL but I did start with Hotmail. I believe there was email clients before AOL, available to anyone capable running the software and configuring their servers, but that is ...
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Do we know the exact date that the 'first photo on the web' was uploaded?

This is the first photo ever uploaded to the web, Les Horribles Cernettes: (or it is stated and commonly held to be so) ...
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How were the first computers on the internet connected? [closed]

The internet started as a small "net" of interconnected computers, but how were those computers connected? Was a chip manufactured to be installed onto the computer? Was it software?
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Did the cold war affect the development of the internet?

What were the influence of the Cold War in the internet origin or their development. Did DARPA's support of the creation of the internet explicitly address cold war fears? The cold war was the ...
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