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How much oil was Germany able to secure after invasion of France?

How much oil was Germany able to secure after its invasion of France in 1940 from the French oil stockpiles? Was this a significant amount that allowed for further Operations, e.g. during Barbarossa ...
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What exactly happened in 1974 during the invasion of Cyprus by the Turks? [closed]

This is very recent history and I want to make up my opinion on this. What exactly happened during the invasion of Cyprus in 1974 from Turkey? There are 2 sides of this story but historically which ...
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Has there been a war whose declared goal was a mere land grab without any attempts to ethically justify it?

TL&DR: To put it simply, I am looking for a good example (as modern and well-known as possible) of an invader who was very upfront about the evil, criminal character of his invasion from its ...
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What are the primary sources for the Mongol sack of Baghdad?

It is generally accepted as fact that when the Mongols under Hulagu sacked Baghdad, capital of the Abbasid Caliphate, they destroyed all (36 libraries) including the famed House of Wisdom, and either ...
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Interpreting two recent studies on Aryan Invasion/Migration theory?

Few months ago two studies published here in Cell and Science respectively and lot of authors in both the studies are common. The science paper starts with By sequencing 523 ancient humans, ...
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Why did the Chagatai Khanate cease invasions of India?

After many defeats (last in 1306?) at the hands of the Delhi Sultanate, the Chagatai Khanate ceased the invasions. What were the main reasons for this decision? I read on wiki that many thousands of ...
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Which, if any, successful invasions have been planned by one person without relying on specialized experts?

10 years ago, I read the following quote A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a ...
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Why did US annex Hawaii? [closed]

Was there an economical or political reason for the annexation of Hawaii by US in 1898? It does not seem to me that Hawaii was a particularly wealthy place at that time. Did the US government need to ...
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Does any country have an official celebration for the annexation of foreign territory?

Most nations/countries celebrate their independence from some foreign power, a historical victory over aggressors or the end of a war. Are there any modern era examples where a historical event of ...
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How were the invasions of Korea by the Mongols and the Manchus similar?

The first Mongol invasions of 1231 forced the Koreans to capitulate and reconsider their defensive posture. In an attempt to overthrow the newly imposed tributes of the Mongols, the Koreans (at the ...
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Why didn't invaders of India ever cross into Myanmar and beyond (east)?

All the foreign invaders, coming from the west, that I know of which invaded India (i.e. Delhi Sultanate, Mughals, Suri Empire, Ghurid Empire, Mamluk Dynasty, etc.) stopped around the Bengal area. ...
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Could Romania have remained neutral in WWII? [closed]

Romania was neutral at the beginning of WWII, but then Marshall Antonescu (as he liked to be called) went to visit Hitler and then joined the war on the German side. Things have happened as they ...
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What actions did the USA take in 2003 to prevent other countries from coming to Iraq's aid?

When the US invaded and occupied Iraq in 2003, I believe that neighboring countries and one of their major arms suppliers- Russia- stood down, at best. What actions did the USA take to dissuade any ...
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Why did the US invade Cuba in such a weak manner? [closed]

I've been reading about the US's history with Cuba following the recent death of Castro, and the failure of the Bay of Pigs seems very odd to me. The only reason I can think of for carrying out such a ...
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Was the Gulf War 1990 a complete surprise, or was a military build up evident?

I understand that Iraq had disputes with Kuwait about slant drilling of an oil field, borders of some islands and of course in general about OPEC oil production quotas. But none of this was new in the ...
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Who is the most recent (non Bush) father son pair who have invaded the Middle East?

Disclaimer: This is NOT meant to incite political debate. I am looking for a historical answer. Presidents George H W Bush and George W Bush both invaded the Middle East. Before these two, what ...
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Why did China annex Tibet?

This is probably a very naive question, but here it goes: Was there an economical or political reason for the invasion of Tibet by China in 1950? It does not seem to me that Tibet is a particularly ...
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Normandy: Why did the landing craft open on the front?

I assume this beach scenario was typical on D-Day. (Graphic violence) It shows a landing craft reaching the shore, where it lowers a hatch on the front of the craft, exposing the invading soldiers to ...
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Did the Yuan Dynasty ever occupy Hainan?

And if so who occupied Hainan before them and after them?
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What prevented the Mongolian Empire from expanding into Europe?

The Mongolian Empire reached quite a vast extent according to the map below and leaders such as Genghis Khan seemed to defeat all their enemies consistently. Yet, the empire never extended into Europe,...
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Why were people from the Asian Steppes able to militarily dominate Europeans on a repeated basis?

From the Huns through the Mongolians, why were nomadic people from the east able to create such havoc in Europe? Was it an endless 'first mover' advantage with horse domestication? Was it a higher ...
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