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Islamic Republic of Iran is a country in South-Western Asia, bordered from East by Afghanistan and Pakistan, North by Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan, and West by Iraq.

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What caused the 1979 Iranian revolution to become Islamic?

How did an initially anti-Shah revolution become an Islamic revolution? Was it because of Khomenei's return to Iran such that he seized the Iranian revolution?
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Why was Khomeini in France? Who allowed him to leave and why? [closed]

I never knew that Khomeini was in France until I saw What was President Jimmy Carter's role in the Iranian Revolution?. Why was Khomeini in France? Who allowed him to leave France and why?
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Did the Safavid rulers require all subjects to convert to Shi'a Islam?

On one hand I've read that Shi'a Islam was the only religion allowed in the Safavid empire. On the other hand, the empire contained parts of Armenia and Georgia, but Armenians and Georgians are ...
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What was President Jimmy Carter's role in the Iranian Revolution?

Iran was a friend to the USA until Carter traveled to Iran and immediately afterwards Iran faced revolution. Khomeini went to Iran from France. On November 4, 1979, an angry mob of young Islamic ...
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How secret was the US and British involvement in the 1953 Iranian coup d'état?

A professor mentioned to me that one of the reason that conspiracy theories are popular in Iran (and Middle East in general) was that actual conspiracies involving Western powers against Muslim ...
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Why is there an Islamic revolution in Iran?

If Zoroastrianism is so strong in Iran, why was there an Islamic revolution? Why is it proclaimed as the Islamic Republic of Iran?
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Regarding Khomeini's speech against USA in Qom-1964?

What was the significance of Khomeini's Speech against US Capitalisation in Qom, Iran-1964? Is there an easily accessible English translation of this speech? What measures did the US or the Shah take ...
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