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Islamic Republic of Iran is a country in South-Western Asia, bordered from East by Afghanistan and Pakistan, North by Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan, and West by Iraq.

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Are Shi’i imams really directly related to the Prophet Muhammad?

Do written (or at least oral) records that show that the Shi’i imams are directly related to the Prophet Muhammad?
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Is there a breakdown for transported goods on different routes in the Persian corridor in WWII?

In August 1941, the Soviet Union and the United Kingdom together occupied Iran. One motivation for that invasion was the establishment of a supply line to the Soviet Union through Iran, the so-called ...
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What was the cost of the 2,500 year celebration of the Persian Empire

Wikipedia says, The Celebration of the Persian Empire The Ministry of the Court placed the cost at $17 million (at that time); Ansari, one of the organizers, puts it at $22 million (at that time).[...
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Iran and the point four program and the mutual defense act of 1949?

What were the US's and Iran's terms in these agreements? What was the total amount of aid Iran recieved from the US during this time?
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