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Israel refers to the country in the Middle East. The current state of Israel was founded in 1948, but there are some arguments that trace the existence of the state back to BCE time periods.

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Haredi (Orthodox Jewish) view on Zionism pre-1948

Prior to the establishment of the State of Israel, what was the general Haredi (Hasidic, orthodox non-Mizrachi) stance on political Zionism? Did it change with the establishment of the state? If so, ...
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How tall was an average person in ancient Israel?

As has long been known, Goliath's height wasn't as impressive as most people would believe. However, I've been thinking; even at the lowest estimates he still would've been taller than an average even ...
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What Evidence Do We Have For Samaritans Living In Babylon in the 6th or 5th Century BC?

Does anybody have any sources to show a Samaritan population in Babylon during the 6th or 5th Century BCE? 2 Kings 17 records the deporting of five different nations into the cities of Samaria And ...
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Reference request - Books on Israel-Palestine conflict [closed]

I am searching for a good even-handed account of the Israel-Palestine conflict. I read James Gelvin's book which was ok but I found lacking in detail when it came to the situation in more recent times....
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Alternatives to a Two State Solution [closed]

In 1948 the UN voted on a two state solution for Palestine. 33 for the resolution, 13 against, and 10 abstains. It seems like the vote wasn't close. But what would have happened if the results were ...
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What was meant by "Palestine is not Rhodesia"?

While reading about the Israel/Palestine conflict, I found this 1927 statement by Chaim Weizmann (emphasis mine): Palestine must be built up without violating the legitimate interests of the Arabs ...
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Did the Jews move from Palestine to Germany? [closed]

I have an essay to write and the question is simple. Did the Jews first live in Palestine and then move to Germany? If they did move to Germany, why did they and did they return? I just need to ...
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Why does the Balfour declaration refer to Palestine, as opposed to the Land of Israel or the Holy Land? [closed]

The Balfour Declaration states that His Majesty's government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavours to ...
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What responsibility did Golda Meir have for the Yom Kippur war?

I read in the book "The Iron Wall" by Avi Shlaim, there was a description of the Yom Kippur war that happened due to Golda Meir's insistence on keeping parts of Sinai and not trading them to Egypt ...
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Did the early kingdoms of the Macedonian and Thracian Diadochi exert any control or influence over the region of ancient Israel/Judea?

Specifically, after Alexander the Great's death in 323 BC: Did Cassander's Macedonian kingdom have any dominion or authority in the Levant region during his rule in the early 3rd century BC? What ...
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Kingdom of Judah under Babylonian rule

I'm writing some work about the kingdom of Judah under the Babylonian rule (604-539 BC). I am looking for the reasons that led to the instability of Judah under the Babylonian rule. I would ...
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What is Revolutionary Monotheism? [closed]

Can anyone help explain to me what this concept is? I'm aware of monotheism in the Bible but not Revolutionary Monotheism. Thank you.
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What did Joe Slovo mean by 'collusion' in The War Against Aparthied?

Nadine Gordimer, in the foreword of the book, Ruth First & Joe Slovo in The War Against Aparthied by the oral historian, Alan Weider, quotes Joe Slovo when he visited Palestine in the early 1940s:...
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Is there documented evidence of Israel concentration/death camps used against the Arabs? [closed]

According to some articles I've been reading, there is testimony that as Israel began its conquest and subsequent occupation of Palestine, they sent Arab men to concentration, labor and even death ...
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why Israel has not used its nuclear arsenal against hamas? [closed]

If Israel has a nuclear arsenal, why has not used its against Hamas? If the Palestinian had nuclear weapons would have surely used to erase Israel from the map.
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"Israel created Hamas" - what's the timeline behind the historical facts of this claim?

A common claim across social media right now is "Israel created Hamas" - I've found it a little bit difficult to get an accurate timeline about Israel's actual involvement in Hamas. This is ...
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