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For questions about Jesus of Nazareth, believed in the Christian faith to be the Christ and Son of God.

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If there was truly 3 hours of darkness in Roman empire following the crucifixion, would we expect some sort of record to survive of this happening?

In the synoptic Gospels it is claimed that 3 hours after the crucifixion there was darkness over all the land from noon-3pm along with intense earthquakes in Judea strong enough to split rocks and ...
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Did the Romans ever get the idea to pardon Jesus or expunge the conviction when they adopted it as the state religion in 380, Edict of Thessalonica?

Given the premise of Jesus as being an innocent man being wrongfully convicted, wouldn't the very legally minded Romans or other jurists have the idea that the government should delete the conviction ...
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Did the Romans reuse crosses for crucifixion punishment or it was one time use (1st century Jerusalem) ? I need verified sources on this

I am trying to check if the story of Saint Helena mother of Constantine 1 finding the true cross logically follows or not. The most common story goes ( Wikipedia:Church of the Holy Sepulchre) ...
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What is the historical origin of the story of the Temptation of Christ? [closed]

In the New Testament of the Christian Bible, there is a story in which Jesus meets the Christian Devil (Satan), and Satan tempts Jesus to give up his mission through promises of power. I want more ...
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Why is Jesus' crucifixion dated to AD 30–33? [closed]

I've read pretty much everywhere that the consensus is that Jesus died between AD 30–33, but I can't seem to find where this conclusion comes from. Are there some historical sources or pieces of ...
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Please suggest a book that contains a historical (factual) account of Jesus' life [closed]

Can someone suggest a book about Jesus that contains only aspects that can be corroborated by scientific and historical evidence? In other words, I don't want to read about so-called miracles or other ...
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10 votes
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Do historians support the existence of brothers to Jesus?

Jesus does not have a brother in some Christian traditions, his mother Mary is a perpetual virgin. For instance the Catholic church holds this theory as a theologoumenon, namely a theological ...
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Have historians offered interpretations on why the disciples claimed they saw a resurrected Jesus? [closed]

It is generally accepted by historians who studied the Bible that Jesus almost certainly existed and was crucified. We also know that his disciples claimed Jesus appeared to them after his death. ...
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Did any contemporary sources write about Jesus?

Did anyone write about Jesus at the time at which he was alive? I can't find any sources from the time in which he was alive after a quick preliminary search.
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Chronological plausibility of "liars don’t make good martyrs?" [closed]

When I attempt, as a non-Christian, to evaluate the historicity of various historical claims in the New Testament, I come across various things that come across to me as obvious falsifications and ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Historical Claims Against Jesus Christ's Existence? [closed]

According to this article, "no one in the ancient world ever flatly denied that Jesus performed miracles – let alone that he existed." Is this historically accurate? Are there any claims in history ...
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13 votes
2 answers

What was the primary method the Jews used to make a fire at the time of Jesus?

In 0BC or AD depending on your approach to history I suppose, what was the primary method of ignition to start a fire, used by the Jewish People. I am sure flint and steel were available at that time ...
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7 votes
2 answers

After Jesus was executed what became of Pontius Pilate

After all of the unrest in the area did Pontius Pilate resolve the issue by the death of Jesus Christ. Historically what became of Pontius Pilate.
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10 votes
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Would the trial of Jesus of Nazareth have been recorded on an Acta Diurna?

Acta Diurna were official notices in the Roman Republic and Roman Empire, which were displayed on message boards in other places. According to Wikipedia: Their original content included results of ...
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What's the birthdate of Jesus of Nazareth, assuming he existed? [closed]

This post is not about the existence of Jesus, we assume that here. It is well-known that Jesus of Nazareth was not born on December 25th 1 BC. The historians are agree for a year between 7 and 2 BC....
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22 votes
3 answers

Why would Jesus' parents travel to their birthplace for a Roman census?

The Gospel According to Luke says that Jesus was born in Bethlehem because his parents had to travel to their place of origin for a census: 1 Now in those days, a decree went out from Caesar ...
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19 votes
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What historical evidence is there for the existence of Jesus Christ? What do we know about him?

How do historians study the events of Jesus' life, and the person he was? I read a book on the topic, and it held the position that the gospels were revised to appease the Romans - especially the ...
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Does Jewish history record Jesus's saying "I am God" or similar utterance?

I came here searching for a question regarding ancient Jewish rabbis view regarding Jesus. Are there any Jewish sources or authoritative ancient texts that show that Jesus never claimed divinity (...
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