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A nation and an ethnoreligious group, originating with the Israelites or Hebrews of the Ancient Near East. Jewish people live in almost every country, as a result of the diaspora.

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8 votes
3 answers

Who are the ancestors of the Israelites?

Who were the historical ancestors of the Israelites? Do they have no ancestors? Please try to avoid Biblical references to Genesis if there are there any scientific, archeological or historical ...
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How to rebut Holocaust denial argument?

I came across a Holocaust denier who claims that there is a plaque outside Auschwitz which says that the Nazis murdered 1.5 million people there (mostly Jewish). However, the plaque used to say 4 ...
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When did Herod the Great die?

I have read the article Did Herod the "Great" Really Die In 4 B.C.? which argues that Herod the Great might have died in 4 BC instead of 1 BC. What is the evidence of this claim? Is this new date ...
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25 votes
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What really happened to the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel?

The Ten Lost Tribes of Israel is a well-documented semi-historical legend in Jewish history, and appears in sources from a number of ancient cultures. The factual history however, seems to be shrouded ...
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What historical reasons did the Nazis give for hating the Jews? How did they identify non-practicing Jews?

What historical or cultural reasons did the Nazis give for hating the Jews? Did they ever accurately and precisely identify non-practicing Jews? I asked Jewish culture differences singled out by ...
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26 votes
9 answers

Why did Jews not immigrate to the Muslim world?

Throughout most of history, Jews lived significantly better in the Muslim countries than in Christian ones. Moreover, after the expulsion from Spain, many Spanish Jews moved to the Muslim world (from ...
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10 votes
2 answers

Did a Jewish King of Narbonne exist?

In today's edition of Le Monde, Marek Halter mentions something about Jewish Kings in Carolingian France, recognized by Charlemagne. Probably using Arthur Zuckerman 'Jewish Kingdom in feudal France' ...
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Nazism and Jewish persecution awareness during the WW2 years [closed]

I've always wondered how is it possible that an entire nation and beyond (Germany) wasn't aware of the Jewish persecution during the WW2 years or, if they were, that they did nothing to stop it. Were ...
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3 answers

At which times did a mainly Jewish sovereign state control Jerusalem?

At which times in history have there been a sovereign mainly Jewish state controlling Jerusalem? The only time in history after the Babylonian exile that I can recall is during the Hasmonean dynasty. ...
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6 votes
3 answers

What is known about early history of Judaism?

What do we know about early history of Judaism? Do we know the timeline when these modern traits of modern Judaism developed: 1 Lifestyle restriction that we now find in Torah, such as the ...
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What did the Nazis do with proselytes to Judaism?

The Nazis categorised people on racial grounds. If someone had sufficient Jewish ancestry, they were dead. Unlike, say, Stalin's purges, it didn't matter what their opinions were: if you totally ...
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1 answer

When was the Yemenite Jewish community isolated from the rest of the Jewish world?

The Yemenite Torah and Tanach is almost completely identical to that of the Jews in Europe, but there are a few minor spelling differences. When were the communities separated such that these spelling ...
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2 answers

Why is such a large percentage of Jewish population worldwide in USA

Close to 50% of all the Jews worldwide reside in USA. What were the main historical events and trends that contributed to such a distribution? A good answer should include both demographics and ...
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