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Why wouldn't debtors simply destroy their tally sticks?

I understand that the distinctive way the two pieces of a tally stick and the markings on them fit together prevented altering records. But that system only works if you can bring the pieces of a ...
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What were the conditions in 17th century London prisons?

Does anyone have any information, or suggestions for sources, on conditions in Newgate or other London prisons in the mid-seventeenth century? Would prisoners be confined to cells, or could they ...
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What was the "high Commissioner of the Police in Scotland" in 1777?

I was reading old newspapers, and I came across this mention of what I believe to be "high Commissioner of the Police in Scotland". I am sure of all of the words but "high", it ...
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What was so good about the 19th Century Osage police?

I was recently directed to an article written by Historian Art Burton for a police publication about policing in late 19th Century Indian Territory. I got interested in this due to a family story ...
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When did police uniforms change in New York from the British design?

The US law enforcement system (to the best of my knowledge) has followed a system similar to the UK system. The New York Police Department (NYPD) has used uniforms that mimicked their British ...
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6 answers

Has any country ever diverted an international flight in order to arrest a wanted person?

Belarus recently came under scrutiny for forcing a Ryanair plane to divert so they could capture a wanted person on board: A Ryanair plane from Greece to Lithuania was diverted to Belarus for several ...
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Were there witch-hunts or witch-trials in China or Japan?

Witch trials in medieval and early modern Europe / America are well documented, well known. I am curious if similar existed outside of Christian countries, especially in China and Japan. Both China ...
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How was law enforcement handled in large US cities before professional police?

In the news lately in the USA there has been a lot of talk about defunding or abolishing police. Its been claimed by some that US police forces have their root in slave-catching, and are thus ...
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What does the crested logo with a stacked "A C and I" on this Baldwin-Felts certificate mean?

I was watching a PBS documentary The Mine Wars(25:30) where the Baldwin-Felts Detective Agency is discussed. I noticed this crested logo which looks like it says “CIA Police” and was curious what it ...
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How many customs houses were there in 1850 California?

Mexican California's customs house was in Monterey. When the territory became part of the U.S. in 1846, San Francisco was the emergent port city. Despite the territory's political commitment to ...
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What is the source for the Middle age tale, "Falling off a church and surviving by falling on someone"?

I'm looking for the original story of a tale I've been told years ago back in high school by my history teacher. A worker in France was working on a church and lost his balance and fell. He landed on ...
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Which Imperial Russian officials created and verified passports?

In Imperial Russia (as in other states) passports were required for interior travel. They were issued to individuals and had a finite duration. I'm guessing that being found away from home without a ...
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Who was the last person "Hanged, Drawn, and Quartered" under British jurisdiction?

Every year on Nov. 5 English speaking people are reminded of the punishment meted out to Guy Fawkes for his unsuccessful gunpowder plot. The penalty for treason at the time was to be hung, drawn, and ...
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First California murder case under U.S

In 1846-47 the United States conquered Mexican California, gradually imposing its legal system. Bancroft says the "first jury empanelled" in California was in Monterey in the case of Graham v. ...
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3 answers

Earlier U.S. law enforcement raids on lawyers' communications

The office of the personal lawyer of the U.S. President has been raided by the FBI. Clients' communications with their attorneys are protected by the doctrine of attorney-client privilege, or legal ...
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How were state-level suspects identified prior to photography?

From the point of view of identifying people quickly, with the full, historical coercion level of highly organized states, up to, but not including, development of photographic imaging and telegraphs, ...
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First US police officer killed in the line of duty

Who was the first US police officer killed in the line of duty? When and where did it take place? By US police officer, I mean any active-duty police officer working for any force in the US post-...
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Private firms (aka mercenaries) as a police force

Since the police invited security firms to bid for roles in the UK, I was wondering if there are historical events where mercenaries were used to police a city (or town or local) and what the effects ...
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