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Did the Luftwaffe tactically support Tobruk's capture in 1942?

In the comic AfrikaKorps, the capture of Tobruk in 1942 is highlighted as the consequence of tactical bombings of the Tobruk perimeter. The reasons of the defeat are given as: Lack of antitank ...
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Who was the Moslem saint Sidi Rezegh?

Who was the Moslem saint Sidi Rezegh whose tomb is located in Cyrenaica, Libya, where an important battle was fought in 1941 between the British Eighth Army and the German Afrika Korps? I've tried ...
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Is there any known pre-twentieth century history of the tomb of Sidi Rezegh?

Is there any known pre-twentieth century history of the tomb of Sidi Rezegh? A variant spelling is Sidi Rizq from سيدي رزق at 31.8287°N, 24.1345°E in Al Butnan province, Libya near Tobruk and Al Adm. ...
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When did "Africa" become the name of the whole continent?

I learned from wiki that Africa was the name of a Roman province during Roman times, and that the continent was divided into Libya, Egypt and Ethiopia. So when did Africa become the name of the ...
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Why did Khadafi chose to support Idi Amin?

I was looking up the war between Tanzania and Uganda, where Tanzanian forces invaded Uganda to remove Idi Amin, and learned that Idi Amin was able to hold out for a little while thanks to the support ...
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US "destroyed" Libya: how viable is this as a reading of the history? [closed]

Shailja Patel (who I guess is a left-wing Kenyan intellectual) says (my italics) It’s painful to us, in the global south, to see that American writers that we read assiduously, and take seriously, ...
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What does this Italian soldier's 1930’s uniform tell us about his job and rank?

The below photo of a soldier was taken in Sicily in the mid to late 1930’s. I have been told he may have served in Libya for the Italians. What type of soldier was he and what rank did he have? What ...
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How kind were the Muslim occupations of North Africa?

I grew up in Egypt and although I was raised in Muslim-majority country, I am atheist now. In history classes we were told a doubtful story: The Muslims would have been kind and merciful invaders ...
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The 2011 Libya action by France, UK, US was supported by a UN resolution - but was it subverted for regime change? [closed]

The 2011 Libya action by France, UK, US was supported by a UN resolution authorising enforcement of a no-fly zone - but is there any evidence that the resolution was used as a pretext for the larger ...
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How much did Israel pay the Libyan Flight 114 shootdown victims?

In 1973, Israeli jets shot down Libyan Arab Airlines Flight 114, which strayed into Sinai peninsula, then under Israeli occupation. This caused the death of 108 of 113 people on board. According to ...
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How is Gaddafi viewed outside the West? [closed]

It seems to me that Gaddafi is viewed in the West only as a lunatic dictator. However, after a naive investigation about his life I have realized how a complex figure he was. We know most of his ...
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How significant was the US military role during the NATO campaign in Libya?

The NATO campaign in Libya was started by the UK and France, and the US was later also involved. How significant and vital was the US assistance in this campaign? Edit: I am primarily interested in ...
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