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How long did it take for a letter to arrive in England in the 1830s?

How efficient was the postal service in England in the 1830s? For example, is it possible to estimate how long it would have taken for a letter to arrive if sent by a standard service from London to ...
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How long would a letter take to arrive in England from America in 1890?

As part of my story, a letter is sent from England to America in 1890. I was wondering if there was a way to work out how long it would take and perhaps the cost of writing and sending letters.
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Why are stamps put in the top-right corner of post?

I've recently been sending a few letters and one of them has not been delivered yet, and I don't think I stuck the stamp in the top-right corner of the letter. So does it matter if a stamp is not ...
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Did people living in Stockholm, Sweden in the late 1700s (18th century) really have to fetch their mail manually?

Recently, I've been watching this well-spoken man on YouTube (yes, it's quite unique) talking (in Swedish) about 18th century (1700s, that is) Sweden, and Stockholm in particular. In one video, which ...
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How long did it take for mail to get to London from New York in 1919?

In an essay I am working on, I am writing letters between two sisters. One lived in New York and the other lived in London during the time of 1919. I need to figure out the amount of time it took for ...
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Has The USPS / APWU Ever Had A Strike Since 1970?

Here in Canada we presently have the CUPW engaged in a strike which is disrupting mail delivery. I talked to one of my friends in the US, and he was surprised to hear of a strike. Apparently they don'...
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What was the postage from Japan to US in 1945?

I was wondering how many postage stamps it would require to send a letter from Japan to the US (and vice versa) around 1945, and during the occupation? And perhaps you might know what the stamps ...
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How long would a letter take to arrive in Geneva from Ingolstadt? (Georgian era)

The two cities are ~300 miles (488 km) apart as the crow flies. In the late 1700s/early 1800s, how long would it take to send a letter from Ingolstadt to Geneva, and vice versa?
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