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Malaysia is an Asian country of 28 million inhabitants with approx. half of its territory situated on the Malay Peninsula and the other half on the island of Borneo.

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Why were only certain forms of animal fighting illegal in 1920s Kelantan?

According to C. C. Brown in the article "Kelantan Bull-Fighting", as of the late 1920s around Kota Bahru: Fish-fighting ( pelaga ikan ) and cock-fighting ( pelaga ayam) are popular, ...
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How and when did the Latin alphabet become predominant over Jawi in Malaysia?

The Jawi alphabet is still used in Malaysia, and there are certain policies that promote its continued use, but Latin script is far more dominant. At what point did the Malay population as a whole ...
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Can anyone find a copy of "Notes on secret societies" by C.T. Dobrée on the internet?

"Notes on secret societies, compiled by C.T. Dobrée, is a guide to Chinese triads or secret societies operating in Malaya in the post-war era, with information on the secret codes of language and ...
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Was the strait of Malacca a potential "chokepoint" during the age of discovery?

The Strait of Malacca runs between the east coast of the Indonesian island of Sumatra and the Malaccan peninsula on the west coast Malaysia and is fairly narrow. It is the most direct route from India ...
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Where can I find more information on the Federated Malay States V.F.? [closed]

badge has a crown on top with a shield in the middle. slider on back on front reads Federated Malay States V.F. I was wondering if anyone knows much about the badge as I have not found out much about ...
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When did $10,000 banknotes become available to the public in the British colonies of South East Asia?

When did $10,000 banknotes start to circulate publicly in the British colonies (colonies, crown colonies, "protected states", "protectorates") of South East Asia? The Straits ...
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Were the ancestors of Malays originally from Yunnan, China?

Referring to the post here. The research discovered that the Malays in these sub-ethnic groups were genetically composed of some Proto-Malay (orang asli Melayu), Semang and Indian DNA, with at ...
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Monarchies with built-in rotation

I have read that rotation among nine hereditary rulers of provinces determines who is King of Malaysia during a given 5-year term. This seems to stand out from related practices e.g. over the history ...
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How did laborers travel from China to Malaya in the early 19th century?

There was a wave of Chinese emigration to Malaya beginning in the early 19th century. Those who emigrated were mostly laborers seeking to work in tin mines, rubber plantations, and other agricultural ...
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Where were the Straits dollars printed?

From the information I gathered, the banknotes of the Straits dollar were printed by Thomas De La Rue & Company, Limited, a firm based in London. Were the banknotes of the Straits dollar printed ...