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Members of the Jurchen and other tribes located in modern-day Manchuria, a part of China.

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How were the invasions of Korea by the Mongols and the Manchus similar?

The first Mongol invasions of 1231 forced the Koreans to capitulate and reconsider their defensive posture. In an attempt to overthrow the newly imposed tributes of the Mongols, the Koreans (at the ...
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How did a nomadic minority group the Manchus come to rule over China?

The population of the Chinese empire was about 120 times larger than the Jurchen tribe, who later renamed themselves to Manchus. Yes, the Manchus were very skilled warriors and the late Ming dynasty ...
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What kind of heavy horses did the Manchu use?

My friend told me that the Manchus would link 4 horses together and fight. Yufei then cut off the horses feet and won anyway. Is this true? Where can I learn about 4 horses tied together?
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Are the Xibe people the same as the Manchu?

Xibe people living in Xinjiang are Qing dynasty colonists in the region. They clearly speak the same language as the Manchu did, which bears a question: Are the Xibe and Manchu people the same ethnic ...
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