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Questions tagged [material-culture]

For questions regarding the physical objects and architecture produced by a society, typically uncovered via archaeology.

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3 votes
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Are there any images of old italic or runic inscriptions online?

Wondering if there are any museums or universities or anything that have any examples of either: Old Italic script Runic script I don't think there are any books in these scripts, but it seems there ...
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Are images of the original tablets for the Epic of Gilgamesh available online?

It seems the Epic of Gilgamesh isn't available online in in Akkadian, that is, in Cuneiform script. There is a transliterated version, but I can't connect it to the tablet (not sure if that's the ...
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How is a tablet transcribed?

Wondering how a tablet is transcribed, or how it could be transcribed in the modern digital world. For example, the tablets in the first two images below. I am particularly interested in: How long it ...
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4 votes
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What was the first printed material owned and kept in Kamchatka?

Kamchatka today has cultural projects like universities and museums, but in the early Russian period it was considered a pretty desolate place. Among other deficiencies, there was very little for the ...
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Why were Roman dice elongated?

According to this article, Roman dice did not always have the modern cube-shaped form: [I]n contrast with modern dice, they weren’t always exactly cubes. Sometimes they were noticeably a bit ...
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