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Are there historical examples of audiences drawn to a work that was "so bad it's good"?

The concept of media that is enjoyable because it's incompetently executed is a big market nowadays. Movies probably have the biggest examples (Plan 9 From Outer Space, Troll 2, The Room, Samurai Cop, ...
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(Why) are there two different versions of the photograph of inmates at the Buchenwald concentration camp?

It is alleged that the picture on the 42nd page of the May 6th, 1945 issue of the New York Times Magazine, depicting inmates at the Buchenwald concentration camp, and taken five days after liberation, ...
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Did the Soviet Union or its satellite states have any broadcast propaganda media for an international audience?

Since 1949, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty has been a U.S. Government funded broadcasting service aimed at Central Europe, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia. During the Cold War, it mainly targeted ...
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What are the origins of the "News Reel Voice"?

A commercial came on the radio last night while I was driving home that was a spoof on the old news reels of the 30s and 40s. And, being radio, the spoof was entirely centered on the iconic 'voice' of ...
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What were the Government Press Prosecutions of 1858 and why did they occur?

In the second chapter of On Liberty, John Stuart Mill mentions in a note the "Government Press Prosecutions of 1858". He further writes that "The offence charged was not that of criticising ...
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What role did the media have in the outcome of the "Arab Spring" revolt in Tunisia?

What was the role of the media in the outcome of the revolution in Tunisia? Throughout the revolution we saw the role of the media was extremely important. What was the role of the media during the ...
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What "silly places" (according to Muggeridge) did Nikita Khrushchev go to during his visit in the United Kingdom?

According to this article, more than half of places visited by Nikita Khrushchev in the UK were "silly": When Nikita Khrushchev visited Britain, Muggeridge made up a list of the silliest ...
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Were new forms of communication and media usually condemned similar to how television/video games are now?

I'm sure anyone who is reading this has read at least an article, blog, or book condemning the consumption of television and video games as harmful to children, the behavior of teenagers, intelligence ...
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How did the news of the reality Nazi concentration camps reach the United State's mainstream? What were the waves of awareness and when? [duplicate]

I just watched a documentary (I think it was called "We Were There" or "I Was There") featuring interviews of US soldiers that were Jewish and had helped liberate Nazi concentration camps. I was ...
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What access did people in the Warsaw pact countries have to Western television and radio?

Did people in socialist East Germany and Central Europe really watch Western television as casually as Westerners did, during the cold war? Were there laws against it? Were TV and radio receivers ...
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What is Adios Bruce Lee?

A co-worker of mine came in wearing a shirt with this image on it: This looks like a movie poster, but I'd never heard of that particular Bruce Lee movie, so I tried looking it up. As near as I can ...
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Was the Times of London available for sale in 19th century Singapore?

Were copies of The Times of London generally available for sale in 19th century Singapore? If so, how much did a copy cost? And how many days would the newspaper take to arrive in Singapore?
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Were there cases where an ethnic newspaper had the highest circulation in a country?

Were there cases where a locally-published newspaper catering to, and read by an ethnic minority group had a circulation exceeding that of any other newspaper in a country? Examples: Fictional ...
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How did Tunisia's revolution (and Arab Spring) begin?

I am asking because the most cited reasons are not that convincing: The self-immolation of Mohamed Bouazizi: He was neither the first nor the last to self-immolate himself. Poverty: Prices more than ...
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Did small rural newspaper offices in 1895 use rotary presses with rolls of paper or sheets?

I'm trying to find out what kind of press would have been used for the Troutdale Champion in Troutdale, Oregon (population 300), which printed for a few years in the mid 1890s. After researching some, ...
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What is the historical origin of purple as a color indicating poison in Japanese visual media?

In videogames and anime, purple is often the color of poison. For example, if a blade is shown with a purple fluid on it it will be obvious to anyone familiar with such works that it is poison-coated....
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When did propaganda or the influence of media first start to have effect?

I am aware that this is quite a wide question and that many factors influenced the development of media (the printing press I presume to have the largest impact) but can anybody give me some examples ...
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Why does the First World War (WW I) play such a minor role today compared to Second World War (WW II)? [closed]

In my experience, in Central Europe, people are more aware of the Second World War, than the First World War. This seems to be the case in other European an American regions, too. Do others also see ...
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How is Gaddafi viewed outside the West? [closed]

It seems to me that Gaddafi is viewed in the West only as a lunatic dictator. However, after a naive investigation about his life I have realized how a complex figure he was. We know most of his ...
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How were the prophecies of Biblical prophets such as Isaiah first published or disseminated?

I read the Old Testament but I don't understand how a prophet such as Isaiah would have first put forth his prophesies. Did he speak to a crowd, and someone took down his words? Or did he write little ...
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Did Nebuchadnezzar And The Medes Ever Go To War After Their Alliance Against Assyria?

I know this is not a biblical group but there is history in the bible so I was curious about something. I was reading Jeremiah 25 which, to summarize, says that the nations will serve the king of ...
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Which Soviet leader has said "there is censorship in the West too - it's called money"!

I vaguely remember hearing a quote from soviet leader (might be Gorbachev, could be someone else), acknowledging media censorship in the Eastern bloc but arguing there is censorship in the West as ...
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What is the proof that during WW I, belligerent countries censored reports on the Spanish influenza?

Wikipedia has the following on the Spanish flu: The pandemic broke out near the end of World War I, when wartime censors suppressed bad news in the belligerent countries to maintain morale, but ...
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Was it common to address politicians by their first names / nicknames in the past? [closed]

To me, it seems like politicians are increasingly more frequently being called by their first name (Bernie, Hillary, Donald) or they're being reffered to in the name's more familiar form (Jo Swinson, ...
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Are there any specific examples of NLF efforts to manipulate American media?

I often see mentions of National Liberation Front (NLF) efforts to manipulate US media during the Vietnam War, but I can't seem to find any specific examples of this happening. Did I misinterpret its ...
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Virginia's response to Harper's Ferry, compared to the US response to 9/11

9/11 is now far enough in the past that I feel more able to analyze it as history. For most of the last 18 years, my rough mental model has been something like this. The US was subject to horrific ...
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