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Questions tagged [metallurgy]

The technical science about theoretical and practical use of metals, their alloys, and preparing them to use.

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What is the origin of this medallion?

I want to get information on what looks like a medallion that my father found at a construction site (at his home) in 1968 in Port Colborne, Ontario, Canada. It was found about 10 feet underground. It ...
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How much iron ore could a medieval miner extract per day?

I am finding really hard to find an answer to this question. There are some numbers available online, but first of all the numbers range quite a lot from different sources, then they are given for a ...
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Where and when were the earliest bronzes made which intentionally added tin to copper?

I’m trying to update my understanding of the early timeline of bronze use in Eurasia. Much of my knowledge on the subject came from the 1976 edition of Tylecote’s History of Metallurgy, which is now ...
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How did the Ancient Greeks forge and shape metal gears?

The closest to answer I've gotten is this video: Wikipedia: Making gears by hand without machines However, I don't really know if Archimedes and his contemporaries would have the above tools or not. I'...
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What would one call a skilled metal worker in Jerusalem, circa 600 BC?

I'm doing research for a book of fiction in which the main character is a skilled metalworker in ancient Jerusalem, circa 600 BC. I want to be authentic and historically accurate. This person is ...
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A bronze reservoir in Osaka

George Lensen's "The Russian Push Toward Japan", 1959, cites Okamoto Ryunosuke, "Nichi-Ro kosho Hokkaido shiko", 1898, to say: Matsudaira Sadanobu states that guns for defenses must be of bronze. ...
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Are tungsten ammunition cores still to be found on European WW2 battlefields?

With ammunition sometimes missing target and penetrator cores sometimes exiting the other side of the target, i imagine tungsten cores fired during WW2 were seldom collected. Are they still found ...
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How did early metalsmiths devise tools?

As I understand it, the refining of ore requires, at at least one point, the direct handling of high-temperature or molten metal. I can see early coppersmiths beating stone hammers on flat rocks, but ...
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