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Questions tagged [mongolia]

Mongolia: A country located between Russia, Kazakhstan and China, whose people are descended from the Mongols of Genghis Khan's Mongol Empire. Use this tag for modern-day Mongolia, and the [mongol-empire] tag for the Mongol empire.

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Was Al-Tusi's observatory (1262) the first specific-purpose-driven international research institution (like CERN)?

In the biography of Nasir al-Din al-Tusi (1201-1273), among other sources, we learn that: The observatory at Maragheh (Persia) became operational in 1262. The Persians were assisted by Chinese ...
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Why is Jiagedaqi part of Heilongjiang despite being inside Inner Mongolia?

Why is the Jiagedaqi (or Jagdaqi) District under the jurisdiction of Heilongjiang Province even though it lies entirely within Inner Mongolia? What is the history of this arrangement?
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Why did the Soviet Union not "grant" Inner Mongolia to Mongolia after World War Two?

In the brief Soviet anti-Japanese campaign of 1945, Soviet and Mongol troops entered Inner Mongolia. Mongolia itself had been essentially a client state of the Soviet Union since 1921. Also the ...
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Were the mongol army boots of 13th century lined with fur?

I want to know about 13th century Mongolian army boots. I know they used leather for their boots. The leather and the source of the leather is irrelevant to my research for now. My question is that ...
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Why did Ong Khan offer Temujin (young Gengis Khan) a position?

Why did Ong Khan offer Temujin (young Gengis kKan) a position? (after Temujin recognized him as his father) I mean it seems that after the death of Temujin's father, Ong Khan did nothing to help and ...
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Is there any evidence the Mongols expanded into northeast Asia?

There is plenty of recordings of the Mongol empire moving west, but is there any evidence of them expanding northeast towards the present-day petroplavlosk-kamchatsky area? Or were there factors that ...
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Is there a Mongolian ritual of throwing water in front of someone departing on a journey?

Is there a Mongolian (or Tengrist) ritual of throwing water in front of someone before they set off on a journey? Or is that just a Turkish thing?
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Name of a small state west of the Xiongnu and south of Wusun c. 50 A.D [closed]

There was a very small state in Western Mongolia which played a part in the politics of ancient Mongolia, circa 50 A.D. It sounded something like Wu-Shan-Mu or Wu-Shi-Mu. During a war between the ...
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How is the oldest bank in Mongolia only 24 years old?

According to Wikipedia, the Trade and Development Bank of Mongolia ( is the oldest bank in Mongolia. This is further supported by a ...
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Why did Mongolia split in two when they declared independence?

When Mongolia declared independence from the Qing Empire in 1911, part of it stayed under Qing control. This is the part known today as Inner Mongolia. But even before their independence, there were "...
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In what way and to what extent did the USSR exert influence on Mongolia?

I am asking this in relation to a comment by @Wladimir Palant on my answer to another thread. In his comment, Wladimir compared Mongolia to the Warsaw Pact countries in being heavily influenced by the ...
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