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How devoted to Tengrism was Genghis Khan?

We first hear about Tengrism around the 6th Century as forming amongst the Turkic people of the central Asian steppe, spreading west for a bit with Attila and his crew, then getting mostly overrun by ...
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Did Kublai Khan's army consist largely of Mongol warriors or native Chinese?

Kublai's army is always referred to as a 'Mongol' army but I suspect that after the initial conquest of China, his army consisted largely of native Chinese. Is this correct? Did the Japanese and ...
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How large a force could the Mamluk have raised during the Mongol Invasion?

I know the Mamluk forces numbered around 20,000 during the Battle of Ain Jalut. But Wikipedia says that the Mamluks numbered around 200,000 during the 1291 siege of Acre. This got me wondering how ...
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