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Why were fragments of the Mongol empire named after colors?

Why were the successor fragments of the Mongol empire named after colors after the death of Genghis Khan? For example, blue horde, golden horde and white horde.
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Was Goryeo part of the Mongol empire?

So I came to America from Korea a while ago and I decided to study a bit of history (because who doesn't like history?). While doing so, it kind of confused me that the extent of the Mongol empire ...
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Did medieval Mongol horse archers have deformed arms like English bowmen?

Did medieval Mongol horse archers have deformed arms like English bowmen? And were there other archer inside or outside of Europe in ancient times who suffered the same deformity like English archers? ...
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Were the Huns and Mongols at one point rivals?

I recently read an article that suggests that perhaps the Huns invading Rome had once been a foe and eventually conquered and forced to migrate by the Mongol empire,this interesting idea completely ...
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Why didn't the Khalkh Mongols support the Dzungars in their fight against China?

Khalkha Mongol khans fought for China against the Dzungars. What was the reason for that? Why did the Dzungars become enemies of the Khalkh Mongols? See: Dzungar Genocide & Dzungar–Qing ...
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How devoted to Tengrism was Genghis Khan?

We first hear about Tengrism around the 6th Century as forming amongst the Turkic people of the central Asian steppe, spreading west for a bit with Attila and his crew, then getting mostly overrun by ...
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Did Kublai Khan's army consist largely of Mongol warriors or native Chinese?

Kublai's army is always referred to as a 'Mongol' army but I suspect that after the initial conquest of China, his army consisted largely of native Chinese. Is this correct? Did the Japanese and ...
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When did the Russians first employ a successful envelopment tactic?

Dear fellow history buffs. I read a book on the Soviet Army that is called, unsurprisingly, Inside the Soviet Army. Its author, Viktor Suvorov — not to be confused with the famous General Alexander ...
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How large a force could the Mamluk have raised during the Mongol Invasion?

I know the Mamluk forces numbered around 20,000 during the Battle of Ain Jalut. But Wikipedia says that the Mamluks numbered around 200,000 during the 1291 siege of Acre. This got me wondering how ...
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Why did the Mughals call themselves "Gurkani" when Babur himself was a direct descendant of Genghis Khan?

According to the Wikipedia article on the Timurid dynasty: The Timurid dynasty called themselves "Gurkani". The word "Gurkani" derives from "Gurkan", a Persianized form ...
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What are those Russian/Turkic/Mongolian semi-conical felt caps brimmed with fur called?

What are those Russian/Turkic/Mongolian semi-conical felt caps brimmed with fur called? When and from which culture did it originate from, and when and how did it get adopted by the Slavs? Did the ...
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Why did the Chagatai Khanate cease invasions of India?

After many defeats (last in 1306?) at the hands of the Delhi Sultanate, the Chagatai Khanate ceased the invasions. What were the main reasons for this decision? I read on wiki that many thousands of ...
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Why there are more people of red hair among Arabs than Mongols when both populations are naturally born with dark hair?

Question Title is edited by J Asia, see OP's comments in my answer, below. Have left rest of OP's question as is (the body of question). This question, in my limited understanding of genetics, is ...
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