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Who was Colonel Palmer of the Mitla Pass?

From Marshall, Sinai Victory: What is called "Parker's Memorial" in this book, and is herein pictured, is described in a reliable source as a monument to the memory of Col. A. C. Palmer, ...
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Who is this monument near Huesca for?

Roadside monument about 1.1 KM east of Huesca. Location (within ten meters): 42°8'27.90"N, 0°22'23.16"W. According to Wiktionary, “requetés” could mean soldiers fighting for Carlos 1833–1840 ...
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Why is this Latin text black but the Latin numerals are red?

There is a Latin inscription on the Old Town Square in Prague. It is located on a copy of the Marian Column. Photo: (click to enlarge) Every letter there has black color except for the Latin numerals ...
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Who are the five figures in the niches in the 'Monument of Marchese Spinetta Malaspina'

I couldn't find online who are the five figures in the niches in the 'Monument of Marchese Spinetta Malaspina'? Does anyone has any idea about their identity?
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Where is the location of this large stump and monument (lighthouse?) background?

On back of photo "Yellow fir 12 ft. dia. monument in background." The photo is from a collection of logging photos from Washington State and British Columbia.
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What is the ruined tower in the background of this 1649 drawing of the Igeler Säule by Joan Blaeu?

The Igeler Säule is a Roman sandstone column dating back to 200-215 CE (h/t to @justCal) and together with the Drususstein (made in honour of Nero Claudius Drusus) according to Wikipedia the only ...
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Who erected Luis Argüello's tombstone?

Luis Argüello was California's first Mexican governor. He died in 1830 and was buried next to San Francisco's Mission Dolores. His grave marker doesn't appear contemporary with his death, though. I ...
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Has any place exhumed more dead bodies than San Francisco?

San Francisco's cemeteries of the 1800s relied upon burial fees for maintenance, and so fell into disrepair when they filled up. Simultaneously, land became more expensive and public health fears ...
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How can a megalith be dated via the C14 method?

Technically this is pre-history, but maybe someone can answer this. I was listening to a podcast about the spread of megalithic structures in Europe. A modern basis of research on this is the dating ...
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Which is the earliest surviving inscription of "SPQR"?

I have looked around a bit, and was wondering if there was any information about what could be the earliest surviving and accessible (for public) inscriptions which included the Latin initialism SPQR (...
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Pyramidal marae on one of the Pacific islands

About 10 years ago I saw some information on the Web that an ancient pyramid-like structure (marae) existed on one of the Pacific islands, but was demolished in the end of 19th century. There was even ...
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Why did Ancient Greek religious monument (herms) have genitalia?

Around the Acropolis in Athens, there are lots of marble monuments like the one below. I don't recall whether I read on a plaque, or whether it was my own inference, that these were installed by ...
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Did the Sword of the Republic really fall from the Arc de Triomphe on the first day of the Battle of Verdun?

According to several sites - none of which offer sources or citations - the Arc De Triomphe de l'Étoile was damaged on or near the same day that the Battle of Verdun began in February 1916. These ...
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Is there a name for the style of the 'superhero' Russian statues?

Is there a name for the style of the 'superhero' Russian statues? I can only find one example which is a statue of Yuri Gagarin But I have seen similar statues in documentaries and movies.
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Monuments of Sesostris

In Herodotus, Book II, there is the following passage: The pillars which Sesostris of Egypt set up in the various countries are for the most part no longer to be seen extant; but in Syria ...
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Did the avenue of the Gods exist? [closed]

In the recent movie, Exodus: Gods and Kings a scene is shown, presumably in Memphis(?) depicting an avenue of the gods, terminated in a pylon. Did such a place actually exist?
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Are there any Vandal or Goth relics or monuments in Rome?

The Vandals and Goths ruled Rome for several years after the fall of the empire. Did they leave any relics, monuments or buildings that can still be seen?
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