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When/where did men with families get less "disposable"? [closed]

Herodotus tells us that when Leonidas selected three hundred Spartans to face the Persian army he chose "all fathers of families, who had left sons at home to succeed them". My ...
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Where do the ethics of shounen anime come from?

shonen, or shounen (少年) anime (shows like Naruto, Dragon Ball, My Hero Academia, etc.) all (for the most part) realize a certain set of values, which are usually central to their plots and which the ...
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Was it common for unmarried couples to live in the same hotel room in Europe of the 1930es?

Imagine an unmarried couple in their mid-twenties, both educated (teachers). They live in Vienna of the early 1930es (before the Anschluss). Was it acceptable for them to book one hotel room and ...
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Who is the officer/soldier in a cave that received a morale boost from a spider?

Today on the radio, I heard about a commander or an officer who was in a cave waiting for a battle to start and he was feeling that he will be defeated because of the large enemy forces (he was in a ...
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During the 1850’s and 60’s, was the free North (and its cause in the U.S. Civil War) considered more virtuous than the slave-holding South?

During the 1850’s and 60’s, was the free North (and its cause in the U.S. Civil War) considered more virtuous than the slave-holding South? Do we find authors or politicians in the U.K. or France ...
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Was lying morally wrong in Medieval Europe? [closed]

It is my understanding that in medieval Europe, practical jokes were popular, tales from distant lands were often greatly exaggerated, and deception was common in the market place (baking stones in ...
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Did any plantation/hacienda/fazenda owner free all his slaves?

The North and South American masters that kept slaves are today criticized for it. Their income of course depended on slave labor. Anywhere in the Americas, did any of them free their slaves -- not at ...
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Has any generation generally agreed that the next generation was better? [closed]

The tendency of each generation to look fondly on the "good old days" and to disparage the next generation is well-known. I remember reading some poem from ancient Egypt lamenting the moral failings ...
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In ancient Rome, did a lot of people feel guilty about owning slaves?

Do we have historical evidence which shows whether significant number of people felt guilty about owning (without necessarily abusing) slaves in the ancient Roman era, e.g. 1-2 century AD?
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Why was nude male art so acceptable, popular and officially supported in Germany?

The origin of today's question is In the article, 2 independent examples of naked male art (sculpture) is present: Sculptures in the "Third Reich Art" exhibition (plus this and this) ...
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When and how did people begin to consider slavery immoral?

Consider this: In the ancient world, murder and theft were prohibited. However, slavery was ubiquitous and considered normal. AFAIK, nobody thought of it as immoral, though probably some called for ...
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