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Anyone have a clue what was going on with Biledulgerid?

Wikipedia has a tiny stub on Biledulgerid that—on the basis of its 19th century source—treats it as an actual kingdom in early modern northwest Africa. This early 18th-century source, meanwhile, ...
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Why have some Sahrawis become Moroccan citizens while others ended up in refugee camps?

Quoting from this article, The Sahrawis who did not flee have been given Moroccan citizenship. Is this all there is to the story? Much of the literature on the Western Sahara conflict overlooks why ...
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How did recognition by Morocco influence the history of the USA?

In my personal experience when having studied the early history of the American Republic, I learned about The Treaty of Marrakech in my U.S. Diplomatic History Graduate course. Prior to that time, ...
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Why didn't the Moroccans try to explore and conquer the New World?

Why didn't the Marinid try to discover and colonize the New World during the 15th and 16th centuries, like the Spanish and Portuguese? They faced the Atlantic Ocean and had the power and the ...
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Has Morocco ever claimed ownership of the Canary and Madeira islands?

Has Morocco ever claimed ownership of the Canary and Madeira islands? If no, then why not? How about the island countries Cabo Verde and São Tomé and their African continental neighbours?
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Why does Spain have enclaves in Morocco? [closed]

As in, why are they Spanish territory instead of Moroccan?
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Why didn't the Ottomans conquer (what is now known as) Morocco?

As far as I know the Ottoman Empire stopped its expansion in northern Africa in (northern) Algeria. Why didn't they try to take over Morocco? Or did they try to and fail? What is the reason why ...
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Was Casablanca a "safe" place for the Allies to hold a global conference in January, 1943?

In January 1943, America's President Roosevelt and Britain's Winston Churchill held a conference in Casablanca, Morocco. Russia's Stalin declined to attend (citing the fighting at Stalingrad). One "...
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