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Why did the Patrice Lumumba University eject Carlos the Jackal?

According to Michael Ray, Carlos the Jackal, byname of Ilich Ramírez Sánchez, (born October 12, 1949, Caracas, Venezuela), Venezuelan militant who orchestrated some of the highest-profile terrorist ...
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Why Didn't Hitler order an immediate attack on Moscow in August 1941? [closed]

In July 1941, the Soviets had begun their first organized resistance against the German invasion, after the initial German attack threw the Soviet forces into a shambles. They attempted to block the ...
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What kind of heating did Moscow have in the early Soviet Union (1917 - 1930)?

I would like to know what kind of residential heating was prevalent in Moscow in the time period around 1917 - 1930. What kind of fuel was used? Did they have district heating back then? Otherwise ...
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How did Kolmogorov help protect Moscow in WW2?

I have been reading this blog post which mentions that: during World War II Kolmogorov applied his mathematical gifts to artillery problems, helping to protect Moscow from German bombardment. So,...
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Did Moscow have natural gas in the early era of the Soviet Union (1917 - 1930)?

Did apartments in Moscow have natural gas in the years 1917 to 1930? If so, were they supplied by utility pipelines underground? I am curious because underground utility pipes are expensive to build ...
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Was the population of Moscow wildly overstated during the Cold War?

The science fiction author Robert Heinlein was a socialist in his youth, but became a strident anticommunist during the Cold War. In 1960, he and his wife Virginia went as tourists to the USSR, and he ...
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Have Moscow and Beijing ever been cities under the same rule?

Have Moscow and Beijing ever been cities under the rule of the same empire? It should have been Mongol Empire, I suppose. How long has it lasted?
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How did Moscow become the capital/most important city in Russia?

Early in the past millennium, Kiev was probably the largest, most modern city in the former Soviet Union, at least until the Mongols came. One might have expected it to be the capital of the Soviet ...
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