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Was the US Naval base at Guantanamo Bay actually important in 1985? And was it in any danger?

In the real world case that A Few Good Men is based on, in 1985 part of the guard for the base was a group called "The Ten" that went through grueling physical training in order to guard a ...
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How accurately did Victory Through Air Power portray the state of the war at the time?

I have just watched Disney's 1943 wartime propaganda film, Victory Through Air Power. The film (which was based on Alexander P. de Seversky's book by the same name) was intended to convince government ...
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When were age ratings first thought of?

The Hays Code was a censorship code in the United States which was eventualy replaced by actual age ratings. The code was not an age rating system, basically, all films had to be basically no more ...
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