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Why did Muslims become a target after 1857's Sepoy Mutiny?

Hindus were involved in the 1857's Sepoy Mutiny and played some significant roles. E.g., Mongol Panday is said to initiate the mutiny. Then we know Tatya Tope, Nana Sahib Peshwa II, Queen of Jhansi - ...
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Were there mutual celebrations of Ederlazi and St.George's day in Ottoman Greece?

Ederlazi (Hıdırellez) celebrations of Muslims was a culturally intermixed celebration of the St.George's Day of Christians. They were both celebrated on the 6th of May in the Balkans. Especially in ...
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Did the Black Death affect Muslim's prayers in the mosque? [duplicate]

How did the black death affect Muslims? Were they not allowed to go pray in the mosques? So if Muslims where not allowed to go to the mosque how did they complete their prayers?
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Percentage of Christians (Greeks, Armenians, Assyrians) in Asia Minor/Anatolia in the early 19th century

I'm wondering about the percentage of Christians in Asia Minor/Anatolia in the early 19th century. There were significant Muslim immigration and Christian emigration later. Immigration: 19th century ...
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Why did Byzantine champions (consistently) lose duels to Muslim armies' champions?

I studied Byzantine history lately. I am familiar with the tradition of champions from opposing armies to duel before battles in the east. What baffled me is that time and again, the Byzantine ...
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Why is the world composed of 55% Muslims and Christians? [closed]

Is it what was prescribed in the Koran of muslims and what is called 'The New Testement' of christians that has given these peoples the ability to gain conversions and great swaths of land? The Roman ...
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In Spain after 1492 what were relations like between converted Jews and converted Muslims?

Is it possible that there was a closeness between the two communities of new Christians or conversely, did they deliberately avoid each other to dispel any concerns Spain might have had about the ...
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What were the effects of the Black Death in the Muslim world?

What were the effects of The Black Death in the Muslim world? Both Wikpedia's page on The Black Death's migration and The Black Death have information regarding the effects of Black Death in the ...
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What was the population of Muslims in the Indian subcontinent in 1800 AD?

This article states: To put it in broader perspective, Muslim population has steadily grown from 13% in 1800 to 16% in 1850 to 20% in 1900 to 25% in 1947 and anywhere between 30 to 33% today ...
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How widely were Ramadan observed among Muslim slaves in pre-civil war America?

Muslims made up an estimated 15%-30% of Africans enslaved in the United States before the civil war. Is there a general sense of how widely the fast of Ramadan was observed among them? There were ...
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