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Why did Mussolini say that people are not really free if they don't have access to the ocean?

On the 10th of June 1940, Benito Mussolini announced his war declaration to the Italian people, and he said (video, at 6:10): Noi impugnamo le armi per risolvere, dopo il problema risolto delle ...
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Is there any primary source for Mussolini being called "Juliet"?

So, I have heard a rather amusing, but seemingly apocryphal story (as an answer on game show), that Italians called Benito Mussolini "Juliet", due to his liking of speeches given on ...
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Why did Italy wait 45 days to exit WWII after the fall of Mussolini?

Benito Mussolini was deposed on the 25 of July 1943. From reading the Wikipedia article (, it seems that the main reason is that the ...
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Why did Italy's Battle for Births fail?

According to Wikipedia:Battle for Births: The Battle for Births began in 1927: Mussolini introduced a number of measures to encourage reproduction, with an objective of increasing the population from ...
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Did Lenin approve of Mussolini’s march on Rome?

Did Vladimir Lenin send Mussolini a congratulatory telegram when Mussolini successfully marched on Rome in 1922?
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Can someone provide a source for the claim that MI5 paid Mussolini to do pro-war propaganda?

This 2009 Guardian article claims that Mussolini was paid 100 £ per week during War World I to write pro-war propaganda articles on his newspaper "Il Popolo D'Italia". The article is ...
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Who did Mussolini meet after Hitler, on arrival to Germany after rescue?

Mussolini was flown to Germany after the Gran Sasso raid. Who does Mussolini meet, after Hitler, in this video? What does the narrator say (in German)? What does it mean?
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When Lenin met Mussolini, what was Mussolini's impression of Lenin?

According to Wikipedia, BM met VL in Switzerland in the 1900s. Lenin is said to have lamented the loss of 'such a capable person' to the cause later on in the 20s: "What a waste that we lost ...
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Is the story about Mussolini and Oliver Hardy apocryphal?

There is a story that Mussolini wore bowler hats until someone told him that he looked like Oliver Hardy. Is this true? Is there any evidence for it or is it apocryphal? The times I have seen the ...
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Are Emil Ludwig's “Talks with Mussolini” reliable?

In 1932 Emil Ludwig interviewed over several days Benito Mussolini and then published with Mondadori publishing house the result, as the book Talks with Mussolini. After having approved the draft with ...
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How did World War I affect women in Italy?

I’m writing a paper on fascism and the ideology of women. One of my topics I plan in discussing is World War I and how it impacted women both during and following the war. I wanted to write 5 pages ...
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Was Mussolini's March on Rome inspired by ancient history?

As is well-known, Mussolini was very fond of ancient Rome. I am wondering whether he got the idea for the March on Rome from ancient examples. Indeed, marching on Rome to drive home a political ...
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What is a good way to summarize Mussolini's role in World War 2? [closed]

I would want to know how I could summarize Mussolini's role in World War 2 in a paragraph or so. By this I don't mean that people start listing out all his military conquests etc. but the role he had ...
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Was Fascism capitalist or communist or as many say, was it a "third type" of ideology? [closed]

Was Fascism capitalist or communist or as many say, was it a "third type" of ideology? I have searched wikipedia and other sources but due to different opinions, I am confused.
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Did Mussolini know that Hitler was going to attack Poland?

Did Hitler inform Mussolini of his decision to attack Poland in advance? Was Mussolini in favour?
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Why was Villa Gaggia chosen as the setting for Hitler & Mussolini's July 1943 meeting?

Ian Kershaw's Hitler biography Nemesis describes Hitler's hurriedly arranged summit with Mussolini in July 1943: After landing at Treviso, Hitler and Mussolini travelled in the Duce's train to a ...
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