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What engineers chose the locations and oversaw runway construction for the airfields that the Flying Tigers used?

The section of NPR's The Flying Tigers: How a group of Americans ended up fighting for China in WW II includes the following: Burma was central to keeping China supplied The AVG's base was in Kunming ...
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What stopped the British from granting independence to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands?

On the Wikpedia article about the History of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands: During the independence of both India (1947) and Burma (1948), the departing British announced their intention to ...
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What was the actual dispute that triggered the March 2013 anti-Muslim riots in Myanmar?

The Wikipedia page notes that the riots happened after a gold-shop owner attacked a Buddhist customer. What was the issue that led to that attack by the shop-owner? And why did they attack a customer?...
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Why is the border between Myanmar and Thailand so long?

The border between Myanmar and Thailand extends all the way near to the northern part of Malaysia. Is there any reason how this came to be? Given that Thailand and Myanmar has been at war numerous ...
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Why did the British leave Kohima and Imphal "lightly" defended in 1944?

In 1942, the answer would have been, "because Britain didn't have enough troops." They were then weak "everywhere" along the line. But by early 1944, after two years of the Burma Campaign, Britain ...
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Why are the Rohingya not recognized in Myanmar (Burma), amongst the other 135 ethnic groups?

The government of Myanmar (Burma) officially recognizes 135 ethnic groups. This sounds like, to use a technical term, 'a lot'. It would thus seem that they tried to be pretty inclusive, at least when ...
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