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How big were the armies of the Mycenaean Civilization during the Late Helladic Period and during the Late Bronze Age Collapse?

Just about how many soldiers could you expect to encounter during the Late Helladic Period and the Late Bronze Age Collapse in Mycenaean Greece? Did they have a significant number of camp followers ...
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Was there a continuity in architecture from the Minoan civilisation to classical Greece?

The Minoans used columns in their palaces and the Mycenaeans used columns in their megarons which were inspired by the Minoan column, but were the columns of classical Greek temples and buildings a ...
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Are there any scientific estimates for the population of Mycenaean Greece?

There are a lot of population estimates for Greece of antiquity (from the Archaic period circa VIII century B.C. to the late Roman times of Theodosius 395 A.D.) in academic publications. Also, I found ...
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The destruction of the Mycenaean palaces and the Sea-peoples

I am reading about the destruction of the Mycenaean palaces lately and there are a couple of theories to explain their destruction. One of those theories supposes that the Sea people, who raided the ...
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What is the citation-system for the Linear B tablets?

I continued my research about Mycenea and I´m reading Chadwicks "The Myceneaen World", which is based a lot on the Linear B tablets. When citing them, it looks like this: We also found tablets in ...
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Are there ancient Greek historians who wrote about Mycenae?

I´m interested in Mycenae but have no background in archaeology, so my question is: Did ancient writers like Thucydides, Herodotus, etc. write about Minoan and/or Mycenaean times as well? If not, are ...
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How much of the *Iliad* was confirmed scientifically?

Obviously, one of the central facts of Homer's Iliad was confirmed when archaeologists found Troy. But were there any other details of Iliad (such as existance of Atreidae dynasty, Agamemnon actually ...
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