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Questions about Napoleon Bonaparte (AKA Napoleon I), Emperor of the French May 18, 1804 – April 11, 1814 and March 20, 1815 – June 22, 1815.

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Was Napoleon as short as "common knowledge" states?

I once saw a mention (on that Napoleon, whom pretty much everyone believes was of very short stature, was actually close to average height for his time/demographics, and that the short ...
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Which war games did Napoleon practice with his generals?

I have read that Napoleon actively used to play strategy games with his generals in order to understand how they act in a range of situations. The generals also learned the same thing about each other....
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How did Napoleon evade the British fleet and return to France?

After the defeat of the French fleet off the coast of Egypt in 1798, Napoleon's army was cut off in a far away and hostile country. One year later, after eluding the British fleet, he made it safely ...
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Was there anything in common between the War of 1812 between Britain and America and the War of 1812 between Napoleon and Russia?

Were the War of 1812 between Britain and America and the War of 1812 between Napoleon and Russia at all related? They were not only fought in the same year but also over the same general reason, trade ...
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What is the original French for Napoleon's quote "When your enemy is making a false move don't disturb him"?

Napoleon is well regarded as stating, prior to Soult's assault on the Pratzen Heights at Austerlitz, words to the effect of: When your opponent is making a false move, it is wise not to disturb him. ...
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