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Questions about Napoleon Bonaparte (AKA Napoleon I), Emperor of the French May 18, 1804 – April 11, 1814 and March 20, 1815 – June 22, 1815.

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Re-imposition of slavery and racist laws in France under Napoleon

The last chapter of the Tom Reiss's biography of General Alex Dumas tells in some detail the dark story of the re-imposition of slavery and very harsh race-based oppression by Napoleon, abrogating ...
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Is this really “Napoleon’s March”?

The Chabad/Lubavitch Jewish group have a tradition that this song originated as a military march played by Napoleon’s armies as they invaded Russia:
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Did Napoleon Bonaparte say "Power lies in the essence of power."?

I used to love to read about Napoleon Bonaparte when I was younger, I read some books and watched documentaries about his life, etc. I recently started to dig out some old stuff and started ...
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