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Questions tagged [nation-states]

For questions concerning countries that are inhabited by people belonging to one nation.

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Why didn't Moldova unite with Romania?

Towards the collapse of the USSR, nationalism rose in Moldova. Nationalists proclaimed the linguistic and ethnic identity between Moldovans and Romanians. It seems that they strove toward unification ...
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What led to the creation of Belgium?

Why was Belgium created as opposed to grouping the Fracophone Walloons and the Dutch-Speaking Flemish with their respective linguistically similar neighbor countries; France and the Netherlands?
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12 votes
2 answers

When was the last time that a personal union of thrones led to an effective integration of the nations?

In UK history, the union of the crowns in 1603 eventually led to the union of the nations in 1707. Similarly, the union of the crowns of Aragon and Castile eventually led to the creation of the ...
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Why did Germany take so long to consolidate into a single nation?

To the casual observer, the Holy Roman Empire seems locked in time, continuing its almost feudal tradition even while every other part of Europe was consolidating into nations and empires. By the ...
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State boundaries in mountainous regions

I have in front of me a map of South-East Europe (as depicted below) from the inside cover of the 1967 German edition of John Stoye's The Siege of Vienna. A detail shows three then dukedoms situated ...
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In the "Immigrationist theory" of Romanians (Vlachs), how did they became the vast majority in Transylvania?

The origins of Romanians is, for me, one of history's more interesting problems and I mostly agree with the "Immigrationist theory". The great mystery for me is how could they become the majority in ...
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When did people start saying about the US that "it's a free country"?

Confronted with lack of permission, Americans sometimes reflexively claim that "it's a free country". Obviously, the truth is more nuanced, with degrees of freedom, competing definitions of freedom, ...
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What was the first supranational organization?

The European Union is the only organization at the moment that exhibits a high level of integration amongst its member nation states, but is it the world's first supranational type organization? Are ...
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Has the USA offered aid to every sovereign nation? [closed]

My history teacher said that the USA has offered aid to every other sovereign nation that has existed the same time at us. He defines aid as being humanitarian, economical, or militaristic. Is this ...
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How do we compare historical empires on these statistics?

I see three criteria here: I'm wondering which historical empire was the most long lived, largest, most populous, and represented the largest percentage of world population. Who controlled the ...
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Why did no Independent American Indian states ever develop?

The Jewish people, who had no state of their own for close to two thousand years, re-created one in the 20th century. How come no native American states have formed? Is there something preventing it? ...
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Why was Hesse south of the Main left out of the North German Confederation?

When the North German Confederation was founded after the Austro-Prussian war, it included all German states north of the Main, including the part of Hesse that was north of the Main. However the ...
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Can world systems theory apply to empires?

World systems theory categorizes the economic relationships of countries by placing them in a core or a periphery. In this model, core countries exploit resources in the peripheral countries. This ...
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When was the concept of Europe as a singular political unit conceived?

When was the concept of Europe as a singular political unit conceived? When did people start to think of themselves as sharing a similar European culture and calling themselves European? For this ...
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Why did so large places of vastly different cultures and histories unite as India?

I sometimes don't exactly understand how it happened that in India, so many places with so many different cultures got united under one flag. If you see each state in India has its own languages, ...
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History of nations - books

I'm not a historian at all but would be interested in reading not-too-technical (accessible and "enjoyable" for non-historians) books about a "global" history of nations; or maybe ...
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Has there ever arisen a nation-state without violence/war/extreme subordination? [closed]

Has there ever arisen a nation-state (building/birth/creation of a new nation state) without violence/war/extreme subordination? But rather peacefully, organically, with all parties and neighbours ...
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When did GB acknowledge the USA as sovereign state? [closed]

In which year did Great Britain acknowledge the independence of the USA and threat it like a sovereign country?
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