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Questions tagged [nationalism]

Question related to the history of the social, economic and/or political ideology characterized by the promotion or defense of interests of a given nation to the exclusion or diminishing of international interests.

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How did the US Thanksgiving holiday become associated with the Plymouth harvest festival of 1621?

Proclamations of the Thanksgiving holiday by, e.g., Presidents Washington and Lincoln made no mention of the Plymouth colony. When and how did the Plymouth harvest festival of 1621 become a canonical (...
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Have any nations returned to their ancient homelands? [closed]

Over millennia, many nations have moved from place to place. For example, the Romani People migrated from the Indian subcontinent towards Europe. Many other nations have undergone similar migrations. ...
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How has the slogan "Bis in den Tod, Rot-Weiss-Rot" been used before and after the Anschluss, and in modern times?

I am curious about Austrian slogan "Bis in den Tod! Rot-Weiss-Rot! Österreich!", usually rendered in English as "Red-White-Red until we are dead!", where "Red-White-Red" ...
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History of nations - books

I'm not a historian at all but would be interested in reading not-too-technical (accessible and "enjoyable" for non-historians) books about a "global" history of nations; or maybe ...
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Has there ever arisen a nation-state without violence/war/extreme subordination? [closed]

Has there ever arisen a nation-state (building/birth/creation of a new nation state) without violence/war/extreme subordination? But rather peacefully, organically, with all parties and neighbours ...
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How is Goswami's stand on nationalism distinct from Andersons'?

Benedict Anderson in his 'Imagined Communities' argued that nationalism is modular, that is transplanted to the third world without acknowledging the agency of the intellectual elite, by simply ...
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Why were the continuity states of Imperial and Royal Austria-Hungary disunited, while the continuity states of Imperial Russia were united?

Towards the end of WWI, both Austria-Hungary and Russia faced populist or socialist revolutions and successful nationalist uprisings. In both cases, both revolutions and uprisings resulted in the ...
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Did Serb nationalism play an outsized role in the breakup of Yugoslavia?

Every few years, I rewatch a five hour BBC documentary about the breakup of Yugoslavia. The documentary begins with Milosevic's rise to power and his assertion of Serb rights in Kosovo. The video ...
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When the national leader is a foreigner

In a question about leaders who rose quickly from "nothing" to supreme power, someone suggested Hitler, someone else Napoleon, then it was noticed that Hitler was a foreigner (Austrian who came into ...
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Do Manchurian Nationalists want Independence?

Manchuria existed from the Middle Ages to present-day China. The Qing dynasty was founded by the Jurchen Aisin Gioro clan in Manchuria in the late 16th Century. Wikipedia:Qing Dynasty The Qing ...
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Why didn't every nation commit genocides against every other nation when they conquered land? [closed]

I'm not saying genocides were great or anything like that. I'm just curious as to why would you leave the conquered population alive, leaving the door open for the possible future revolts when you ...
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How did the stigmatisation of nationalism begin?

It is undoubtable that in the modern world the idea of nationalism is frowned upon by many, especially on the left wing, and I'm curious about how this has developed historically. Can anyone help it ...
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Racism, or Nationalism, represented in 19th century English Wills?

Lucy Monoux, 1777-1843, was the daughter of a baronet, and rich, owning at least one farm and a large house with its own land. She wrote a will in 1841 leaving ownership of most of her estate to ...
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What exactly did the 1868 Szepes Petition do?

In 1868, Slovaks living in the Szepes region were demanding some sort of special status. They sent a petition to their rulers in the Diet of Hungary which is now known as the Szepes Petition. This ...
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Why did nationalism in all of Europe surge in the 19th century?

Nationalism in all parts of Europe surged in the 19th century, the centuries old multinational states of the Ottoman Empire and Austria-Hungary broke apart and by the end of the century this jingoism ...
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Why wasn't there French irredentism or pan-fransicm?

In the period from the mid 19th century until the end of the second World War, irredentism was a very common thing. For example, before the first world war, Italy wanted to annex the Italian speaking ...
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Books on development of collective identities (tribal, ethnic, national etc) and people's identification as part of the collective through time?

What are some good books on how common people identified throughout history in the sense of them belonging to a collective, from tribal to ethnic and national collective, and generally how those ...
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Were there regionalist/independentist movements or feelings in mid-19th century Spain?

I've become aware that, to a degree, Spain like France or Germany or even the modern USA, is a collection of autonomous bodies who agree to act as a single nation for federal purposes (this may be a ...
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Why is there is a pan-slavic movement?

While studying the history of Eastern Europe during the last century, I found that one of the main issues was the Pan-Slavic movement. For example big events such as World War I or the current civil ...
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Given Hitler's Austrian ancestry, why did he develop German nationalism rather than Austrian nationalism?

Hitler's parents were Austrians, and Hitler had spent his childhood in Austria. However, Hitler expressed loyalty only to Germany but not Austria. This seems strange to me. Why did Hitler develop ...
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When was the first national anthem?

As a bonus were national anthems a result of something particular? Was there a 'thing' that caused them or did they more or less evolved? If I would have been born in 1769, would I have had a concept ...
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Have majority European descent countries ever been seen by other European descent countries as a threat to manufacturing?

As far as I'm aware, in Australia, currently only countries which are predominantly made up of people not of European descent, such as China, are seen as a "threat" to Australia's manufacturing. Have ...
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Why was the bald eagle chosen as the national bird of the United States?

The bald eagle is a grand and beautiful bird of prey that once frequently soared majestically through the skies of the American wilderness. It is also very important in American Indian culture (See: ...
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Why did Herzl's attempt to come to a political agreement with the Ottoman rulers of Palestine fail?

Theodor Herzl, who founded Zionism as a modern political movement in 1897, attempted to come to a political agreement with the Ottoman rulers of Palestine. When was this, what was his proposal and why ...
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To what can we trace the idea of "civic responsibility"?

Can the sense of "civic responsibility" (i.e. the individual sense of participation and duty towards the construction and maintenance of a public order, and its enactment), be traced historically as ...
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Did Hitler really support Subhash Chandra Bose's cause and did he do anything to help Bose?

Bose had come to realize that Gandhi's doctrine of non-violence was not doing much in forcing the British to retreat. He went to Germany to seek Hitler's assistance in India's struggle for freedom. ...
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When did the term "Nationality" first come into use? How did ancient civilizations refer to themselves? By ethnicity?

When was the term "Nationality" first came into use? How did ancient civilizations refer to themselves? When we refer to Ancient Civilizations, did they consider themselves a nation in the modern ...
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Was swastika really a popular symbol among Slavs and/or ancient Indo-Europeans?

It seems to me that many Russian nationalists and neo-paganists currently believe that swastika was a Solar symbol or a symbol of fortune in ancient Slavic folklore. There are multiple paintings by ...
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Why is national identity important? [closed]

In school curriculum in several countries, students learn national history in a very detailed manner, in addition to the collective world history. One reason for this is to promote the formation of ...
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Why didn't Moldova unite with Romania?

Towards the collapse of the USSR, nationalism rose in Moldova. Nationalists proclaimed the linguistic and ethnic identity between Moldovans and Romanians. It seems that they strove toward unification ...
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What led to the creation of Belgium?

Why was Belgium created as opposed to grouping the Fracophone Walloons and the Dutch-Speaking Flemish with their respective linguistically similar neighbor countries; France and the Netherlands?
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