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For questions relating to natural resources, how these were discovered, in what ways they were utilized, and also how they were traded in cases of deficit or surplus.

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Where can I find WW2 fuel consumption data for the key participants?

Does anyone know where I can find military fuel consumption data by the key countries involved in World War II? It would be highly appreciated if you could advise on the well-organized database.
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Where can I find Japanese oil production figures through WWII?

I am searching for scientific or statistical sources for data on petroleum production in Japan from 1920 till 1945. I had found some statistics in League of Nations Statistical Bulletins, but there is ...
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When did people first think of plastic as bad for environment?

I know that at first plastics was thought of as good. It replaced certain natural materials. For some decades after plastics was invented, it wasn’t thought as bad for environment and nature. Since ...
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Which specific day of 1964 was the tree Prometheus (WPN-114) cut down?

In 1964, one of the oldest non-clonal living things in the world, Prometheus, a Great Basin bristlecone pine, was cut down. (This is important background information for a story I'm writing, and ...
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Where did primitive settlements first start to occur outside of the Middle-East and Turkey? [closed]

Say when people as nomads, and started to form settlements with other people, where would these primitive settlements first started to appear, they would have first started to settle in regions around ...
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What materials would have been used in the ancient Mesopotamian crown?

To provide context, I'm working on a project involving artwork for the Enuma Elish, and I've gotten to a sort of crown initially on my portrayal of Absu. I know that gold was available to the ancient ...
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Did the Soviet Union's successful northern campaign have an impact on Swedish iron ore shipments to Germany?

Late in World War II, the Soviet Union successfully invaded Finland and forced her to disassociate herself from Nazi Germany. This happened to the point where the Finns were forced to allow Soviet ...
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What was the main purpose in Japan trying to capture the Dutch East Indies oil fields intact?

The Dutch East Indies campaign saw Japan try to capture the Dutch East Indies oilfields intact, i.e. before the local troops destroyed them: After these main objectives in Borneo were completed, the ...
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How did Italy and Germany get rubber in WWII?

Japan invaded Southeast Asia and Indonesia to obtain rubber in WWII. Germany and Italy clearly used large amounts of rubber in WWII to build vehicles and planes, but in the 1940s rubber was only ...
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When did coal replace firewood in early America?

From the perspective of early colonists in America, it makes sense that firewood was initially easier to collect, but that as demand grew there was a transition to coal, which was more abundant. ...
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When was natural gas first used for cooking food?

Natural gas seeping from the ground was exploited or regarded in different ways by ancient civilizations, but it is generally accepted that it was the Chinese who first exploited gas for heating: ...
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Has there ever been anything like the oil boom we see today?

Since the discovery of oil, there have been entire nations that have literally been built from the ground up almost completely with oil money. This has been done, and is still being done, in ...
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Why was whale oil used instead of petroleum?

I just watched “In the Heart of the Sea” about Moby-Dick and Herman Melville. It seems a lot of labour and danger to kill whales to get oil for light and heating. Wikipedia says petroleum was known ...
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When did mature redwood trees become possible to harvest?

The Coast Redwood and the Giant Sequoia are related, massive, long-living softwood trees growing on the west coast of North America. Their wood is straight, resistant to pests, and easily splittable, ...
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What are the full names of the discoverers of the Seria oil field?

History books and the Brunei Shell Petroleum page say that the Seria oil field was jointly discovered by F.F. Marriot (British Malayan Petroleum Company) and by T.G. Cochrane (Sarawak Oilfields ...
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