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For questions relating to New York, a state, county, and city in the Northeastern United States.

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Do We Know 100% of the Victims of 9/11?

The 9/11 Memorial contains nearly 3,000 names for the victims of 9/11. However, based on a news article on September 7, 2021, there are still 1,106 victims of 9/11 who have not yet been identified. ...
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Besides NY, which other US states, if any, mandate the appointment of public historians?

As per the website of The Association of Public Historians of New York State : The Association of Public Historians of New York State is a 501(c)3 non-profit professional organization that represents ...
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Why did King Charles II cede New Amsterdam / New York to his brother James, Duke of York, in 1664?

On Wikipedia we read: In 1664, King Charles II of England ceded to his brother, the Duke of York, later King James II, a large tract of land that included all of New Netherland. This came at a period ...
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What was the population of the main area of settlement in New York City in 1890? [closed]

Many population figures given for the population of cities may include the surrounding rural areas and villages. The available number I have found for New York of 1890 includes the entirety of today's ...
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Is today (April 8, 2020) the first time the NYTimes has had content superimposed on its name?

I notice that today's print edition of the New York Times has part of it's front page infographic overlaid on the name of the paper. As a frequent reader, this stands out to me because while this kind ...
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How did CGP Grey get his hands on old New York Times papers?

In CGP Grey's video "The Race to Win Staten Island", he manages to open old copies of the New York Times for his research (around 1:20). Where are these available? Can I also get old copies of the ...
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How long did it take to buy a house in 1870?

I'm interested in how long it took to carry out major transactions in the nineteenth century compared to today. On the one hand, I expect there was less formality; on the other hand, less information ...
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When did coal replace firewood in early America?

From the perspective of early colonists in America, it makes sense that firewood was initially easier to collect, but that as demand grew there was a transition to coal, which was more abundant. ...
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Why was the IRT Flushing line built with three sets of tracks, instead of two or four?

Why was the IRT Flushing Line built with three sets of tracks, instead of two or four? (If you don't understand this, please see the addendum below) More generally, when are trains lines typically ...
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Besides the USO, were there other organizations in New York City during WWll that provided entertainment for the troops?

I know the USO had the Stage Door canteen in NYC during the war, but were there other organizations that hosted dances/concerts at less permanent venues like at armories or community centers around ...
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How long did it take for mail to get to London from New York in 1919?

In an essay I am working on, I am writing letters between two sisters. One lived in New York and the other lived in London during the time of 1919. I need to figure out the amount of time it took for ...
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Did New York skyscrapers construction workers take any industrial action over safety concerns?

This video talks about the construction of New York's skyscrapers such as the Chrysler Building and Empire State by the 'roughnecks', a specialized set of construction workers who worked high in the ...
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What is the date of this photograph of a woman riding a horse sidesaddle?

The goal is to establish the date of this photograph (Image of a woman riding a horse sidesaddle) - lots of context here, but the goal is the date. The reverse of the photograph bears an address: "...
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Was it normal for New York schools in the late 1960s to be desegregated?

I am currently researching late 1960s America in order to being writing a story. The story is set in 1966 in New York. So were schools (specifically Middle Schools) in New York desegregated by this ...
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What was entering Grand Central Station like in 1943, especially interior?

I'd like a description of entering Grand Central Station and interior circa 1943, or at least information about what it looked like and/or what the experience would be like.
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New York City as "the greatest city in the world" in 1776?

In the musical "Hamilton," the Schuyler sisters sing of New York City as "the greatest city in the world". The scene is set in 1776, I believe. This feels like an anachronism. Was New York regarded ...
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How many electric light companies operated in New York in 1887?

ConEdison's History page says: By 1900, there were more than 30 companies generating and distributing electricity throughout the boroughs of New York City and in Westchester County. I'm skeptical ...
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Was it possible to travel between Riverdale and Midtown Manhattan via taxi during the 1940s?

I'm writing a book that takes place in New York City in 1943. I have a character that lives in Riverdale, but works in midtown Manhattan. If one needed to travel quickly, could you take a taxi from ...
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