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The northern most countries of Africa that are differentiated from the rest of Africa which lies south of the Sahara desert (those southern countries are also known as sub-Saharan). The UN classifies the following 8 countries as being the geopolitical unit of "north Africa": Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, South Sudan, Sudan, Tunisia, and Western Sahara.

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Is there any known pre-twentieth century history of the tomb of Sidi Rezegh?

Is there any known pre-twentieth century history of the tomb of Sidi Rezegh? A variant spelling is Sidi Rizq from سيدي رزق at 31.8287°N, 24.1345°E in Al Butnan province, Libya near Tobruk and Al Adm. ...
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Who were the firefighters in Muslim North Africa in the 18th/19th Century and how were they organized?

As we know that the Romans already had some forces for keeping their cities secured and safe: The Vigiles who were what we now may call police and firefighters together! And as I failed to find some ...
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Did North African countries have a police in the 18th/19th Century?

This is just a derived question from my other question about firefighters. I wonder if there have been special forces for security like what we call police nowadays or at least nightwatchmen in ...
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How did plague affect military management in 17th century North Africa?

I’m doing some research on Morocco’s history during the early 17th century, and more specifically the chaos leading to the fall of the Saadians Dynasty. One of the main causes, if not the main, is the ...
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Why have some Sahrawis become Moroccan citizens while others ended up in refugee camps?

Quoting from this article, The Sahrawis who did not flee have been given Moroccan citizenship. Is this all there is to the story? Much of the literature on the Western Sahara conflict overlooks why ...
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