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Questions tagged [north-america]

For questions related to northern part of America, ie. pre-Columbian era, age of Spanish, English and French colonization, to modern day countries of Canada, the United States and Mexico.

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5 answers

Why did native Americans and Europeans mix in South America but not in North America?

A large part of the current population of South America are descendants of both native Americans and Europeans. In contrast, in north America the intermingling of native Americans and Europeans was ...
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Is there any documentation on the creation of Article 1 Section II of the US Constitution?

I'm doing some personal research on the electoral college as it has been becoming more and more relevant in modern US elections. I've seen tons of people talking about how it was designed to protect ...
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What form of cookware did Inuits use in the old days?

I have read that Inuits used some lamps carved from soapstone for heating (driftwood was too precious to be burned). They got some oil for the lamp from blubber. They used a particular species of moss ...
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Why didn’t Japan attack the West Coast of the United States during World War II?

In the early months of World War II, the United Stated spent several millions of dollars to fortify the West Coast against possible Japanese attack, going as far as to stretch a gigantic submarine net ...
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29 votes
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Was there a Viking Exchange as well as a Columbian one?

In the Columbian Exchange, many tropical and temperate species crossed the Atlantic for the first time. Was there previously a Viking Exchange at higher latitudes? According to Jesse Byock's Viking ...
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Why did civilisation/city states never take root in Australia and North America?

I recently read that the Australian Aborigines numbered close to a million during the time of Botany Bay and comprised of ~250 tribes/nations. The Native Americans of North America also boasted ...
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What are the French gains after the American Revolutionary War

Did France gain anything significant (territories or other concessions) at the conclusion of the American Revolutionary War? I tried to look up for it, but what I found were very minor (Senegal in ...
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Was there anything in common between the War of 1812 between Britain and America and the War of 1812 between Napoleon and Russia?

Were the War of 1812 between Britain and America and the War of 1812 between Napoleon and Russia at all related? They were not only fought in the same year but also over the same general reason, trade ...
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When was bicycle ridership highest in North America?

Bike commuting share in the United States is currently less than 1%; but in some cities (college towns, really) it is 10% or higher (source). Is there a time in US history when bicycle ridership was ...
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What nullified the Missouri Compromise?

I always thought it was the Dred Scott decision in 1857, when Chief Justice Roger Taney declared the compromise unconstitutional. But I've also heard it was nullified by the Kansas Nebraska act in ...
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