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Looking for information on North Korean government/party/military organization late 1980s-early 2000s

I'm working on a translation (not Korean) related to North Korea under Kim Jong-Il. Although it's mostly related to personal experiences, it does introduce leading figures in the state. I need to use ...
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How did the KPA cross the Han River on 28 June 1950?

For those unfamiliar, here's a crude ascii art of what the map looks like: | North Korea | | / | | | 38th parallel | \ | | Han River | | Seoul ...
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How didn't the North Koreans catch the pun "We paean the DPRK. We paean their great leader Kim Il Sung"? [closed]

USS Pueblo (AGER-2) - Wikipedia Commander Lloyd M. Bucher was psychologically tortured, including being put through a mock firing squad in an effort to make him confess. Eventually the North Koreans ...
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Why didn't the Chinese attack Hungnam during the evacuation?

The Hungnam evacuation was a notable event during the early years of the Korean War. Retreating to the port of Hungnam from the recent defeat at Chosin Reservoir, UN forces managed to evacuate about ...
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How many people were fighting in the North Korean Army in peak strength in the Korean War?

According to wikipedia, there were 266,600 people at peak strength in the Korean Army, they source this from Shrader, Charles R. (1995). Communist Logistics in the Korean War NKPA strength peaked ...
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23 votes
2 answers

Why is North-Korean communist leader Kim Il-sung called Kim Ir Sen in some languages?

Looking on Wikipedia I see that in many of the languages of the former communist countries, namely East European, the North Korean leader Kim Il Sung (or Song) (1912-1994) is called Kim Ir Sen. (I am ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Why have North and South Korea stopped marching together at the Olympics?

In the 2000 Sydney Olympics, we saw the teams of North and South Korea marching together. This was repeated for the 2004 and 2006 (Winter) Olympics. This didn't happen in 2008 (and we can understand ...
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Did Kim Jong-Il wrest away power (rather than inherit it) from Kim Il-Sung in a power struggle?

I know little about North Korean history, but their official narrative and what I had also believed is that - long story short - Kim Jong-Il basically just inherited his dictatorial powers from his ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Why have the economies of North and South Korea diverged since 1970?

Nowadays, it's obvious that South Korea is richer than North Korea. Yet, wikipedia and a pictoral essay at 9gag claim that until 1970 North Korea had the same size economy as South Korea. Why the ...
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Who created the Korean Unification Flag?

Wikipedia: The Unification Flag is a flag designed to represent all of Korea when North and South Korea participate as one team in sporting events. Still according to Wikipedia, in recent years the ...
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What is the evidence for North Korean famine of 1990s? [closed]

What is the evidence for North Korea famine in 1990s? The most accounts about the famine in the Internet comes with references to US congress members who visited N. Korea, defectors or closed/...
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Would Korea have divided, without the influence of external powers? [closed]

The question came to me in a roundabout manner, while reading a translation of the Korean Declaration of Independence. I've reproduced some excerpts below (emphasis added): Though Japan has ...
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5 votes
3 answers

What started the Korean war?

Is it true that the catalyst was a conflict about a tree right on the border? I heard it from a teacher at a US university as he was teaching a course about nation-states in and out of war.
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What is the basis for the argument that the true believers in Juche died in the N. Korean famine?

I have just read an article (in Russian) about the most recent weird news from N.Korea: women are (again) not allowed to ride bicycles. After you've finished splitting your sides with laughter, allow ...
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