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Did the IRA attempt to point out the innocence of the Guildford 4 or Birmingham 6?

While the Guildford Four or Birmingham Six were wrongfully imprisoned for bombings carried out by the IRA, did the IRA themselves try to tell anyone - (e.g. the authorities or the media) - that the ...
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What was Northern Ireland electoral law pre-1972?

I have seen claims that the voting system used in Northern Ireland pre-1972 was discriminatory. In particular, I've seen the claim that voting was allocated per household and not per person; I have ...
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What's the history of bus hijacking & burning during the Troubles?

A Politico article on the events in Northern Ireland this year mentions that bus hijacking and burning had a bit of a history/"tradition" during the Troubles. Police said two masked and ...
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What were The Troubles in Northern Ireland really about? [closed]

I was listening to some propaganda songs of IRA (Kinky boots, Come on out ye black and tans, Go on home British soldiers). The songs are in English (not Irish) and as British in spirit as it gets: ...
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How effective were peace walls in Northern Ireland at reducing violence?

During the Troubles, a series of peace walls (or lines) were erected mostly in Belfast but also in some other towns separating mostly Catholic from mostly Protestant neighborhoods under a stated ...
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Discrimination against Catholics in Northern Ireland pre-1968

The NICRA sought to prevent discriminatory allocation of government jobs and council housing. The victims of such discrimination were the Catholic/Republican minority - at least, that's how that ...
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Why was Northern Ireland mostly peaceful from the late 1920s to the mid 1960s?

After a bloody civil war and partition in the 1920s, Northern Ireland had about 40 years of peace. This was despite the many grievances that the Catholics had at that time. This resulted in violence ...