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Why did Romans use the sesterce in written monetary records when the coin itself was so rarely used?

In the vast majority of cases, Roman writers and government officials recorded amounts of money (money donated, value of items bought/sold, amount given in wills, etc.) in sesterces. Given that the ...
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1 answer

What happened to the coins in ancient Greece and Rome when monarchs changed?

Were there any instances in the ancient periods of Greece and Rome, where the succeeding monarchs/state leaders refused to acknowledge the coins issued by the preceding monarch, i.e., decreed the ...
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1 answer

Can anyone help me identify this coin?

This is a roman coin, I'm not sure of the date and who is on the front.
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Need help identifying 2 old coins? Struck coins, one with two standing human figures facing each other

Can anyone tell me what these 2 coins are ? How can I safely clean them?
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Antoninus Pius coins

I have looked all over online and cannot find this specific coin. Can anyone help? We believe they are of Antoninus Pius, but I can’t identify anything on the back, although I believe the winged ...
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3 answers

How to identify this coin with a bust on one side and the letters S and C on the other side?

I believe this coin is Roman but I'd like that confirmed. Can anyone give an approximate date and any other information possible (maybe difficult as it is quite worn). It measures between 2.5cm and 2....
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List of Roman Imperial Coins ~0 CE/AD

I'm trying to find a list of Roman Imperial Coins that were used around 0 CE/AD. Most of the my searches turn up lots of shopping pages. After sorting through tons of listings, I can find lists that ...
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Is this a Caesar silver coin?

A friend showed me a coin he found a number of years a go, but it is hard to identify if it is a Roman coin. Can someone help me identify when it is from? (images no longer available online at ...
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1 answer

When were Roman Emperor's faces placed on coins?

During an emperor's reign, were coins (i.e. sestertii) minted the year they became emperors, the year they stopped being emperors, or right in the middle?