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Questions tagged [nuremberg-trial]

Questions about the Nuremberg Trials, including the Trial of the Major War Criminals, 1945-46, and the Subsequent Nuremberg Trials, 1946-49.

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Did Rommel commit anything that would later have been considered a war crime?

As I understand it Rommel was executed, or forced to commit suicide (same thing really) because he defied Hitler who ordered him to kill Allied POWs. A nazi war general getting executed because of ...
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When Hitler started WW2, did he realize that if he lost he would die? [closed]

Was it the rule back then "if you start a war for no reason, you should die"? I know that it was a question for the Nuremberg trial, but was there an informal rule that "starting wars ...
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Has there been a soldier who refused a direct illegal order and was not prosecuted for insubordination (post-1945)?

The Nuremberg trials were supposed to have established that "only following orders" isn't a sufficient defense for war crimes. Since the trials, has there been an example of a soldier who ...
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Is there any evidence to corroborate the claim that Rudolf Höss was physically abused by the Allies after his capture?

The claim is from a book by an author called Rupert Butler. Butler wrote an anti-Nazi book entitled Legions of Death. At the beginning of Legions of Death, Butler expresses his gratitude to two ...
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What was the consequence of Gestapo being declared a criminal organization in the Nuremberg trials in 1945?

As read in Wikipedia's article on Gestapo: Between 14 November 1945 and 3 October 1946, the Allies established an International Military Tribunal (IMT) to try 22 major Nazi war criminals and six ...
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How did the Allies locate, identify and process Nazi War criminals?

Original Question: I am seeking information on the identifying, locating and detaining of suspected Nazi war criminals and SS officials near and shortly after the end of WWII in Europe. Specifically, ...
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When and how did the term "Nazi" start replacing the term "Germans" in the context of WW2?

Have been browsing through newspapers from September 1939 and hardly any of them mention the term Nazi. Instead, the overwhelming majority of them use the term Germans. Clearly, today in most ...
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Were defendants at the Nuremberg trial allowed to deny the holocaust?

In reply to a question on how to respond to Holocaust denial, I answered At the Nuremberg trials the holocaust was one of the indictments. None of the defendants pretended that the holocaust had ...
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