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Term for pitting oppressed people against one another [closed]

What is the term for when an oppressor causes dissension among an oppressed group, with the aim of fomenting intra-group hostilities that will impede an effective rebellion? For example, if a slave ...
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What systems of opression did colonial South America utilized to acculturate indigenous peoples, compared to the ones used in North America? [closed]

After reading and writing about boarding schools (and prisons) of acculturation here in North America, where Indigenous peoples were forced into Western ways, I am left wondering: Did these systems ...
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Creating a "focused research question" for a history paper, unsure how to create a question that inspires debate [closed]

My topic: Systematic oppression through education as demonstrated in black children (in the 1900s) I'll explain each of my drafts and why they didn't work: Why where black children oppressed through ...
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What was the condition of women in "primitive societies" around the world?

In Book I, Chapter IV of "An Essay on the Principle of Population" (6th edition, 1826), Thomas Malthus states how terrible the condition of women was among "savage societies" (to which he meant ...
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Are there recommended practices for writing about oppressed peoples?

This question is about responsible historiography. History as written by winners tends to devalue and misrepresent the experiences of subordinate groups (see Textbooks: Zinn People’s History; Labour: ...
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