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Were there mutual celebrations of Ederlazi and St.George's day in Ottoman Greece?

Ederlazi (Hıdırellez) celebrations of Muslims was a culturally intermixed celebration of the St.George's Day of Christians. They were both celebrated on the 6th of May in the Balkans. Especially in ...
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Could someone who had joined a monastery decide to leave?

Could a nun or monk that had been admitted to a monastery "quit" and (more or less) return to the life they lived before joining? I am mostly interested in Europe and Christianity ...
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Did the Third Rome theory help make Michael Romanov tsar?

Rome fell apart as the Middle Ages began, and Constantinople, the "Second Rome", was conquered as they ended. Afterwards, a famous religious argument or school of thought in Russia maintained that ...
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Schism of 1054 - what were the positions of Jerusalem, Alexandria and Antioch?

Q1 Given that the validity of the Western legates' act is doubtful since Pope Leo had died and Cerularius' excommunication only applied to individuals, why was the schism allowed to continue to the ...
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Before 1980, was there ever an attempt to evangelise for Orthodox Christianity?

The adherents of Protestantism and Catholicism have evangelised across the world. Did Orthodox churches try to spread their religion in a similar way? Did the Byzantines or Russians try to convert ...
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Who were the Bishops of Irkutsk after St. Innocent?

The Irkutsk Orthodox diocese once administered a huge territory. Its founding bishop was St. Innocent, succeeded by Innocent (Nerunovich). Who else held the office before 1800?
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Did the Reformation have any impact in Orthodox countries?

The Protestant Reformation turned society upside down in countries under the aegis of the Vatican, but did anybody pay any attention in Orthodox countries? If so, who did they side with?
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