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Was there ever a male-equivalent to a harem in the Ottoman Empire?

I am currently doing research on Ottoman views toward homosexuality. I have also researched homosexuality relationships that Ottoman Sultans have had. Seeing how there were harems, it made me wonder: ...
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Were there mutual celebrations of Ederlazi and St.George's day in Ottoman Greece?

Ederlazi (Hıdırellez) celebrations of Muslims was a culturally intermixed celebration of the St.George's Day of Christians. They were both celebrated on the 6th of May in the Balkans. Especially in ...
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Why were slave armies used?

I’m aware of several instances where civilizations, mainly Muslim used slave armies. And so far as I’m aware this invariably resulted in the slaves becoming the de facto rulers of whatever people ...
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Why did marriage and multiple children make Hurrem Sultan special?

As far as I have learnt there was a princess named Ayesa (Hatun), daughter of Meñli I Giray of Crimean, who was first married off to Shehzade Mehmed, brother of Sultan Selim 1. After the death of the ...
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Why did Suleiman build walls around Jerusalem?

The Old City of Jerusalem is surrounded by pretty impressive walls built by Suleiman the Magnificent in 1535–1542. The question is: why? Why build walls around a city which is not on a border and did ...
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