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What is the earliest reference to playing chess with Death?

Playing chess with death is a relatively common trope. The earliest mention of this trope that I was able to easily find is the Death playing chess painting from 1480. Beyond that search results get ...
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Is there any painting in art history that depicts furniture floating in the air?

Does anyone know if there is any painting in art history that depicts furniture floating in the air? I searched some catalogues and online encyclopedias that covered the period of 1920-1960, but didn'...
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Does anyone recognize these uniforms?

Need assistance identifying the country of origin of a painting depicting men at war. I have also included pictures of the back in case anyone knows the language and can narrow it down. The language ...
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How did Raphael paint halos?

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of seeing Raphael's cartoon "Christ's Charge to Peter": In it, Christ and the apostles are depicted with halos that appear to be perfect ellipses. I only know ...
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What is the context for these Napoleonic(?) sketches?

I'd be interested to know if anyone can put the pictures in this frame into a context. They were found in the eaves of my late father-in-law's house on Cornwall when the house was being cleared two ...
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What paintings might these be (2 sketches made in the Tate Britain Gallery)?

My daughter drew these two sketches in the Tate Britain Gallery. She needs to complete the sketches but cannot remember which paintings they are based upon. She has looked through the Tate Britain ...
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What's the text in "Mystische Jagd" by Martin Schongauer?

I'm currently trying to figure out what's written on the banners in the right panel of the two piece painting "Mystische Jagd" by Martin Schongauer. I'm pretty sure it's written in Latin but ...
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Why has the shape of the depiction of Sikh Guru's beard changed?

I was looking at the old pictures of Guru Gobind Singh Ji and Guru Teg Bahadur Ji. I found out that something is odd if we compare them with the modern depictions of both Gurus. I looked for other old ...
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What is the painting within this 17th c. painting?

At the center of The Sciences and the Arts, a 17th-century painting attributed to the Flemish painter Adriaen van Stalbemt, two men in the center appear to be discussing a smaller canvas on which a ...
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Is the "Great Wave off Kanagawa" a political piece?

I like the painting "The Great Wave of Kanagawa". One of the things I recently noticed was that there are 3 boats, and all the people in the boats are bowing to the wave. The wave looks big ...
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How did Hitler view his botched career as a painter? [closed]

It's well known that Hitler wanted to be a painter. But his painting were pretty drab and it is said that he lacked the talent. My question is how did he view his botched career as an artist in the ...
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Why did really old paintings use such bizarre, unnatural perspective/proportions?

I say "really old" because at least in the 17th century, they are all photo-realistic. (I still don't understand how anyone can paint that beautifully and realistically.) However, let's say ...
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How do we know that Louvre version of Mona Lisa painting is the original one painted by Leonardo Da Vinci?

Please excuse me if this question seems trivial to art and painting experts but recently I became aware that besides the Louvre version of Mona Lisa, there is another version called Mona Lisa Prado. I ...
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What is the title of the Magritte painting that shows a horse-headed woman looking out of a stone window?

I hope this is a reasonable place to ask this question, at least until an art history StackExchange shows up. My memory is hazy about this but I seem to remember a René Magritte painting that depicts ...
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Does Siquieros' Echo of a Scream resemble a known news photo from the Second Sino-Japanese War?

This is Echo of a Scream, a 1937 painting by Mexican artist David Alfaro Siqueiros. According to the book History of Modern Art this painting was based on "an actual news photograph of a child in the ...
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Please help decipher this artist signature in Hebrew [closed]

I acquired a couple years 2 paintings by the same artist. From my research, the signature is in Hebrew. The paintings were acquired in Austin, Texas but I don't think these are from United States but ...
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Who are the possible models for Munch's Puberty?

Puberty by the Norwegian painter Edvard Munch is certainly the most uncomfortable viewing experience I've ever had in the realm of fine art. There's also a kind of psychological complexity to it, and, ...
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Was the pigment minium (lead oxide) named after the river Minus in Iberia?

I am doing a project on paint pigments. An obvious part of the introduction is the origins of the various pigment names. I read in Wikipedia that: "During the Roman Empire, the term minium could ...
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Why is the Aztec/Nahuatl Syllabary incomplete? [closed]

I am looking at this: Why is it not complete? Obviously they must not be able to find these glyphs, but what exactly does that mean? Where did they find these existing glyphs anyways? Are they ...
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How was paint supplied while painting the Sistine Chapel? [closed]

Paint today is expensive (for quality supplies, anyway), and I expect that the paint used in the Sistine Chapel was quite good quality, due to its endurance. There was also a lot of paint used there. ...
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What is the meaning of the hand gesture performed by King James II in the portrait by Peter Lely?

This portrait by Peter Lely is one of the most well-known images of James II of England (aka James VII of Scotland). It is used to illustrate his Wikipedia article. Is there some meaning behind the ...
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What is the spiral-looking device shown in this wall painting?

A colleague found this wall painting. We are sure about the elements related to mining and the divining rods. But we've got no clue for the spiral element that seems to be operated/carried by two ...
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What year was Hitler's final known painting created?

I am having trouble finding dates associated with his paintings. Is it known if he continued painting while he was the Führer? If so when was the last known painting created?
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